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Time for a break

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Im not going to write a paragraph or anything, im going to make this nice and simple. Recently ive lost touch with reality and havent taken time for myself and its to the point where nothing is enjoyable so, its time to take a break and fix my social life and fix myself. Will I come back, I hope so and if I don't ill make so to let everyone know. Hope to see you all soon? 

In reguards to problems on the server and staff contact Drizzy for the time being.

~ Haley

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1 hour ago, Little said:

Sad to see you even go on a break since your an awesome management but who will take your place?

DocBerry is stepping in to help me out while Haley is taking some time away. I'd appreciate it if people could stop messaging her regarding server things to just give that extra bit of space, too.

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It's sad to see you go right now, hope everything is going to be ok with you. Just relax and meet people lol, anyways hope you feel better. 

PS, The Forest Please, or Gta 5 lol 

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Hopefully you aren't gone too long, but take as long as you need. We will be here waiting for you when you're ready to come back :) 

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Take some time for yourself Haley. Life is more important you know. I also needed to take a brake and it helped. Alright i will see you soon.


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