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I Fucked Up...

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What have I done...

Today I fucked up really really bad. I acted like a complete cunt and made the entire staff team seem horrible in the space of an hour or so... I am so sorry for my actions @Fuuhds and I hope you can forgive me over time. Scamming you was an absolute dick move, especially as it was for credits which isn't in RP (thanks to all that have recently highlighted this). I will fully refund your and Lynx's money and do anything I can to make it up to you both:(This is probably the most stupid and rude thing i've done in all the time i've been staff and looking back at it I can't believe that I was so cruel to you. It's not the person I usually am and i'm so sorry for giving you that horrible first impression of myself.

I also want to thank you @Fuuhds for bringing this to my attention, I promise you that I will never act like this again with you or anyone else in the community for that matter and i'm so sorry for doing so.

I need to apologise to the staff team for what i've done, I represented everyone in the staff team horribly and didn't even acknowledge it at the time... I hope you can all forgive me for what i've done but if not i'll accept whatever consequences that my recent actions have brought me.


Chaos :( 


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5 minutes ago, OGBishop The Savage said:

You still deserve to be demoted imo, this is obvious a last minute shit-post to get out of the hole you've dug yourself in.

i'll take whatever consequences my actions have brought as said above. I actually spent quite a bit of time writing this out as well and I hope it at-least shows i'm sorry to the staff team and Fuuhds for what i've done, even if you think it's a "shitpost" ;(

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[email protected] this guy and was telling us about it in discord so I had the idea to do the same to get some easy cash. There are no rules that state scamming isn't allowed especially as this wasn't an "in-game" transaction. Shortly after getting lynx's money they were both killed (not by me).

In RP staff can play however they please, as long as they abide by the rules like normal players... There's nothing wrong with wanting some quick easy cash and scamming a few people for un-realistic deals... 

When I left I actually had to help out with a BBQ (it was around lunch when this happened for me), I didn't leave in "shame" as you put it . The best part is, this isn't even related to our abilities as staff at all, so why the staff complaint... I understand that you think we're representing the staff team badly in the community, but we put so much time into positively impacting the server as staff, RP'ing deviously and scamming 2 people doesn't for an hour or so doesn't really matter to be brutally honest.

Why should us as staff have to act differently in RP, that's basically saying that because we are staff we aren't allowed to be devious players in RP which is in a way pretty rude and un-thoughtless...

You lost some pixelated cash in a video game, if you think about it, you will be more wary IRL about scamming which can seriously impact your life.

After wards you went and bitched about getting scammed to a group of friends causing a flame war over OOC, that act wasn't needed and was very immature.


We've done nothing wrong, especially as staff in this case. We may of been devious in RP BUT just because were staff doesn't mean we aren't allowed to do so every now and then


Nuff said, you aren't sorry as I've stated before.

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25 minutes ago, Twisted Wolf said:

Scamming shouldn't be allowed, It gives dumb people ideas. 


1 hour ago, Mason said:

Honestly, I don't believe this... Disgraceful Chaos, I wasn't expecting you do shit like this.. I expected better from you


1 hour ago, Little said:

Didn't really know the severity of this but now looking at it, it is pretty disgraceful.

I can't belive i've done this either, as Little said, it's disgraceful ;( I'll do whatever I can to regain trust within the community though... 

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