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For those of you that would like to be staff I can't stress enough about who you put as references. When you add someone it means YOU asked THEM and they said ok. It is NOT just people that you know and think they would be ok with it. Normally when you ask them they say yes but not after you assume they are a reference. Ex. Drizzy. When I see his name I question people... He doesn't do that ever just because you "know" the owner doesn't mean it's a reference. Please be more careful when making a app, I've taken the time to write this and change the format and it's still happening. If you have any questions feel free to add me on steam :).


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Completely agree with this but someone should move this thread to announcements or to general discussion in the members forum rather then it being just in the SWRP subsection.

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9 hours ago, EliteThief said:

I agree as well as I have seen multiple times where people say they know them, Frustrates me as well. Couldn't of put it any better Haley.


What you said is basically what I was going ti post. Good Job Haley. You worded this perfectly! :)

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