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  1. No, you change it too much
  2. yeeeeeeeeeeh booooiiiii
  3. @Void | hyplex.co
  4. 5-10 mins, including breaks for spine age and cucumbers <3
  5. Deathrun - Mistyester & Dillon Flood - Jackk , Platinum_Miner, DEVIL & Bulet MilitaryRP - flow & Destiny Click on their name for Steam Account.
  6. Ayyyy, yeah its dope
  7. My say is they should stay as a bad way to make cash (like your CP Sig btw) <3
  8. If you could reword this into this format; In about 24 hours, that'd be great. Failure to do so will result in your request being locked and denied. You will also need to make another thread if your case still stands. Thank You
  9. Welcome, I wasn't on Aero (i know - c*nt ) so I don't know you but you seem like a sexy LittleBigBug, so from the Hyplex Staff & Players, and O.G Aero players, We wish you the best of times at Hyplex. If you ever need anything feel free to message me on the forums or on steam, here. See you around m8 Dillon,
  10. @drizzy.vip @Haley *Also hiding all comments that aren't relevant, and of the people who aren't involved*
  11. @Buxton Da Jew
  12. Yeah, This is most likely NOT going to happen They have been nerfed because we don't want them to be the 'best' way of making cash anymore. @drizzy.vip can be more specific with you on this though.
  13. Hyplex 3 warn system gives a verbal warning for a few things i believe
  14. @Matt 😀 He is staff, he hasn't been trained yet, though. That's happening tomorrow, probably after eight.
  15. Bad meme though.