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  2. I just want to take this time to say thanks to you drizzy for giving us this opportunity to turn the Staff Team around. We won't fail you! . It's going to be an amazing experience and i'm thankful for that. Sounds like McDonald's gave me an extra chicken nugget but I'm really happy and hyped... @Haley you were an amazing SA and done so much for Hyplex, You'll always be known and loved in the community Mom, best of luck with future endeavors and hope to see you around! <3
  3. @Undoged
  4. TIP: Try it a few times, maybe double click I ALWAYS get fast ones.
  5. You wouldn't - and I kinda think thats what we're aiming for.
  6. Couldn't find his SteamID.
  7. Server: DarkRP Name: Jams Dark SteamID: Reason for Ban: Prop Blocking Admin spoken to: N/A Length of ban: Admin Discretion Anything you want to add in?: so salty xoxo :v This took place in our gunstore. @Mr.Salty @Shift
  8. lolno
  9. Another fucking shitpost?.. fuckoffplease
  10. No one got mad, except for love.
  11. Get your hosting with Crident Networks guys!

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  12. dad xx
  13. Nice re-introduction See you around Good Luck with flood bb <3
  14. Update: ◇Added Cooking *Message me what you want to see here next*