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  1. Trusted = 5h Trusted+ = 15hr Trusted++ = 30h Trusted Ultra = 80h Trusted Platinum = 150h Enjoy! <3
  2. patch

    That would just be aids if you are doing it in bulk.
  3. Happy Birthday, @Kuikentje NL. Have a great day man!
  4. YASSS, I'll buy in 'bulk' >:D
  5. I agree with Stano, you're a really great Commander. Best of luck with this LionsDen, you deserve it!
  6. We've had plenty of these come and go and they stopped getting updated after 1 week at most. They just get abandoned because the author can't be bothered to update it, and/or has left the community etc. Also, I really don't think the community needs to know who's banned and for what reasons, as it simply tells you the banning admin once you've been banned. _______________ -Support _______________
  7. Jedi Padawan Tano is the way for me I want to be Fleet or RC
  8. hotpatch

    Does explain it.
  9. bug fixes

    I realised that. You only find the odd house in the house by Market.
  10. bug fixes

    right, forgot about that one. If you can't be bothered to make a base go and revise for your GCSE's *smh*
  11. bug fixes

    cant you guys start making your own bases instead of ones coppied of your moms friends cousin for $4,000?! %%
  12. Very good.
  13. I'm assuming you're on about drizzy.vip, right? ^ also why have you only now made a unban request?
  14. its probably broke

    Ayyyy It's worth the wait guys, if you're in the UK it should be up & ready for when you wake up. #bless
  15. Welcome Back, James.