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Kuikentje NL

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  1. You at staff team lord save me pl0x and btw bob some of the "suggestions" you said do we already have and one we will never do .....
  2. This is me when chaos uploads a video. (not me)
  3. You should understand that from what i said (yes)
  4. Seems you forgot me as ref?? good luck you got my support
  5. Application Format: -Steam Name: Kuikentje -Hours in-game: 3w 2d -Rank: Admin -Requested Role(weed etc | look at the roster): Gun, raid or base building -RP Name: Kuikentje -Why you would like to join the org: mebecausetro meitro methinktro memmtro meistro methetro mebesttro meorgtro metheretro meistro. Meitro mewouldtro melovetro metotro mehelptro mewithtro megrowingtro methetro meorgtro meeventro memoretro. Meitro methinktro methattro meitro mecantro mehelptro mewithtro meraidingtro meortro memaybetro mebuildingtro mebasestro. Meiethertro medotro meitro mespeaktro meverytro megoodtro memetropolischtro. Meeithertro mewastro meitro memebertro mebeforetro. -What you can do to help the org: meitro mecantro mehelptro mewithtro mebasingtro, memakingtro megunstro meortro mebasingtro. -Other Information: meitro megottro mezerotro mewarnstro. Mehaitro mespeedtro and mesaltytro <3
  6. Update: New staff got added (got accepted while ago ;|) Refreshed the LOA so only the new loa are in there Added myself to admin to clearify, you may got the label with resigned (purple one). This purple label means your timezone if you are still standing in the mod list. I just set the purple color to that since i didn't had much colors. If you got anything to add etc please tell me. Either @Doctor Berry can you maybe help me with the admins by telling if someone got demoted, loa cause i don't see any and i only know of 3 why.
  7. @Doctor Berry maybe @drizzy.vip due to the reason.
  8. Please follow the format or this complaint will be locked in 24 hours
  9. Yeah you are the best in being the baddesst jk
  10. @Tactical Retributionthis is the moment you need to answer again
  11. @Doctor Berry the app of launch codes and it is copied indeed
  12. Well im 100% sure you didnt meet me. Than you need to edit the app but well done papi chul keep up the good work ( thats what others say too )
  13. Yes cause you disconnected......
  14. Yes? Why should i unban you
  15. Lol made a fault will get it fixed or is it the future?? Who knows