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Kuikentje NL

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  1. Social life
  2. @Havasu @Dillon @flow @Doctor Berry
  3. Only 11 hours at 3.1 dont get me wrong, but i only play 3 days a week and i already got 20h (close to it) no examples How dear you to spell hyplex wrong your app is good over all, its not that special but its ok. Overall am i going with a neutral due to the fact your hours are low af
  4. Well you played in 9 days 5/6 hours. How that isnt very active?
  5. Only staff can see playtime
  6. patch

    Nice work drizzy
  7. Follow the format or i will lock this request.
  8. @Havasu @flow @Dillon @Doctor Berry
  9. /locked person is banned !?
  10. Thanx i bought the year 1 pack i was OP with caviera
  11. Thanx everyone
  12. You said like 3-4 times you are on when no staff is on..... you kinda say the same thing over and over
  13. Ayyy lmao thanx <3
  14. They cant if its a normal raid
  15. you atet changing your reason again. You said that you would give money than he drops guns and than you drop the money again. The reason you said it to yourself is weak af how could i check if you are lying or not. after i told you i would ban you you said you would give him his gun back, you were trying to avoid the ban by giving him his gun back. And honestly i don't believe it was a "misunderstanding"