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  1. This sums up my experience on the server, and peoples reaction to the staff. Im Au so most of the time when i play its mostly just Johnson Helinski doing sits because he is the only Au staff to my knowledge. But i also understand what Haley said that you cant just accept random people into staff.
  2. Ye nah nah Ye cunt (Accepted)
  3. You have been ACCEPTED into the FrenchToastMafia. I will pm you the discord link that we all chill in congratz.
  4. (Posting on behalf of him.) In-Game name: Daquan Manigga Age: 17 Reason you want to join the family: I recognize people from santosrp and I want to play with more mature people In-Game playtime: 13 hours Why should we choose you over others?: I'm mature and don't scream when elite gets on.
  5. Denied Your Rpname is spelt wrong and it looks really really rushed put some effort in and reapply here
  6. You both have been ACCEPTED into the FrenchToastMafia. I will pm you both the discord link that we all chill in congratz.
  7. This is a big fuckup. If you dont know what shit does dont touch it. And also u can just leave to cleanup your shit.
  8. Mango tbh i think the word limit thing is just bullshit thing to pull someone up about im what like 30 or 40 words of the min? Also the reason you may not see me ingame is because im AU as said in my app. Thanks for your response but I looked it over before i posted it and couldn't find anything meaningful to point in there to beef up the word count.
  9. It might just be my timezone but when im on Micheal is one of the only admins taking sits.
  10. This must be atleast number 3 on the Top 10 pranks that went to far 2017 (must watch) Not clickbait vid im gonna make No but srsly Micheal pretty much summed it up. Good luck to your server, and on your app.
  11. Its server wide I assume drizzy accidentally broke it or is testing new stuff for bugs.
  12. Thanks everyone for your kind words of support
  13. @Michael18606 This is our convo on steam hyplex.co Equinox: Do you mind if i use you as a refrence Michael18606 | Hyplex.co: YOUR NOT MOD hyplex.co Equinox: I KNOW BUT IM GOING 4 IT AND ITS GOOD TO HAVE REFRENCES hyplex.co Equinox: ITS NOT REQUIRED DOESNT MEAN U CANT HAVE THEM Michael18606 | Hyplex.co: Sure
  14. Steam Name: hyplex.co Equinox Role Play name Sam Bowman Current Rank: User Rank Requested: Mod Timezone: GMT +10:00 Date of birth 23/7/2001 Age: 15 Do you have a mic?: Yes Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:53257749 Hours on the server: 4 days and 16 hours Staff experience on GMOD or other games: I have brief experience as an admin on a gmod Dark rp sever, but it was closed due to lack of funds. Why do you want to become staff?: I would like to become staff on hyplex because I constantly see and have to deal with people prop minging, mass rdaing, and mass rdming Which causes numerous people to become infuriated and leave the server, and it makes me angry because i sit there helpless to do anything because i am not staff and there are no staff to deal with this issue I would like this to change, that is why would like to become staff. I would also like to become staff because I am from Australia and will most likely be on when all the other Eu staff are offline sleeping. What will make you a better choice than others?: I believe that I am a better choice over others that are applying, is because as I said before im Au, meaning that i will be available to deal with admin situations long after other Eu and Us staff have gone to sleep. Another reason why I think I will be a better choice is because I am mature and responsible, and already know how to use F admin and Ulx. I also have a lot of experience dealing with hostile people and I am also a fairly easy going person which is a good trait to have on such a large server with a deserve population. What is the definition of RDM, NLR and RDA RDM or Random Death Match is when a person is killed without a legitimate rp reason. If Player X asked Player Y for Money and Player Y shot Player X this would be rdm. NLR or New Life Rule is when you die you have forget everything that has happened in your previous life and do not return to your place of death within 3 minutes. If the death is accidental NLR does not apply. If Player X was being raided by Player Y and Player X was killed then decided to return and kill Player Y. It would be NLR. RDA or Random Arrest is when someone is arresting without a legitimate rp reason. If Player X has just joined the server and is sitting in spawn waiting for a friend to join. If Player Y was to come and arrest him while he was in spawn that would be RDA. How many warnings do you have, and what are they for?: None If you abuse do you understand that your staff will be taken away Yes Do you understand that being staff is a privilege not a job and can be taken away without reason or warning?: Yes References: Micheal Bort Other information: I am on for at least 2 hours each day. Currently on holidays so its more like 8 hours each day.