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  1. +Support (reasons above) Try and add some colors maybe spice it up a bit to make it more appealing Good luck!
  2. This is a very well made application, the only downside is that it's plain. Add some colors and I am sure many people will wish you to be staff. GL +1
  3. This may not be possible, so correct me if I am wrong in making this suggestion. You know when you get on the server and start either crafting, equipping items or buying items, and when you click equip/finish crafting/click buy you get a tiny lag spike. After the hours of downtime on the server today, when it finally came back up this lag spikes was gone. I realized that after the server crashes or something happens and it has a reboot the lag is gone. I am making the suggestion of introducing regular restarts to the server. Maybe once every 6 hours or maybe even every 12 hours. If this is implemented I think that there should be a warning in chat before the next restart at something like 1 hour before restart, 30 mins, 10, and 5 so it reduces the risk of players complaining about it.
  4. In game credits. lysm for this
  5. All last night I was raiding people and with raiding, people comes angry people, I was brought into a sit every 5 or so minutes for 30 minutes straight. Aaron Chen understood why I was getting pulled into so many sits and handled every sit professionally and efficiently.
  6. Seems like a nice guy other than you disconnecting after I killed you to raid you. No proof from my behalf so yeah. Add some colours and spice it up a little +1
  7. oooooooooooooo
  8. Thanks for that. I am not the best at getting ideas into words.
  9. My suggestion is that there should be a trading feature, where if two players are looking directly at each other, if they both type /trade whilst looking at each other, it shall bring up a screen where you can add money and items from your inventory, however, if one player types /trade, it will show a message that a player is attempting to trade with them. And if they walk away after only one person typing /trade it will dismiss the command and the player will be able to attempt to trade with other players again. Thanks for mason who re-worded it.
  10. -Support from me, all of the previous page
  11. Too many times I have experienced scammers, it's getting to the point of which I cannot sell stuff legit because people are too afraid of losing money. Scamming someone is the scummiest thing you can do, even though it's not a rule it's just a dick move. I hope this thread can be useful to anyone that is interested in buying and selling stuff in-game. Leave a comment below, preferably with proof, of the names of scammers, and the evidence of them scamming.
  12. The other 10 are for staff
  13. M14

    I don't get this bug, try restarting your game, try redownloading the weapon mod
  14. AOD

    +1 it sounds like a good idea to bring a new way to make money.
  15. This is super helpful thank you so much