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  1. Time is broken right now so you probably won't get the rank. It's only a chat tag and SA's aren't gonna waste time giving it to people separately.
  2. patch

    Or instead of making another button, just try not to misclick
  3. *DENIED* Constantly asking for staff app to be reviewed. Shows a bit of immaturity We do think you have potential in the future however Feel free to reapply in 2 weeks. /locked
  4. 1) Credits were refunded which you can spend on DarkRP or wait a bit for donations to be reimplemented into StarWarsRP. 2) The whitelist was reset so you will have to talk tryout for CG again. ~Speed
  5. I was actually looking through the playermodel pack earlier lol. But thanks for the other one, some good shit which we will use in there
  6. Sorry for the mistake, it seems I had mistaken your steam id for his. You have been unbanned. /locked
  7. You might as well be
  8. /moved
  9. This poll is stupid. Come back if you want to and have the time. Don't if you don't. Simple.
  10. Denied Haven't really seen an improvement since your demotion Can act a bit mingy on the server Feel free to reapply in 2 weeks. /locked
  11. /locked
  12. I know the issue derek
  13. Doors should be fixed, I will ensure that players can't do this again when I get on my PC in 20 minutes
  14. Hey, Today @Shift was demoted from his position of head mod/admin. This was due to a few factors which included his recent toxicity that has become more apparent in the recent days. Myself and @Mr.Salty do appreciate what he has done and are sad that this has happened. It was a decision made by the Global Management team and we will be working closely with @Havasu to get the staff team running smoothly again in the near future. I hope you can understand what has gone on and hopefully it will be a simple transition into the new management system with no struggle. Thanks for understanding, ~Speed
  15. Hey, This is the first "big" event in a while. It will be at 7PM GMT+0 and will be hosted by @DeathWing (ask him any questions :P). Hope to see you there. ~Speed