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SWRP Manager
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  1. Happy birthday @Kuikentje NL <3 You're a good staff member and have a great day. (Thx sc for telling me this.)
  2. Updated some arresting rules and added a few & edited some staff rules.
  3. /locked Got maself da karambit
  4. Would like to see it back but it does get boring so it needs to be unique.
  5. Denied. Copy & pasted from old, shows lack of effort put into the app. PM me for more information. Feel free to re-apply in 2 weeks. /locked & moved
  6. Denied Please PM if you need more information. Feel Free to re-apply in 2 weeks.
  7. its probably broke

    Gj drizzy
  8. keep this on topic please.
  9. Hell Yeah. Amazing job guys. We put the "Team" in "Staff Team". Inspired by @drizzy.vip
  10. Closed. He asked me too... /locked
  11. @Shift was a great head mod/admin. Please don't create anything like #BringBackShift or don't make jokes about it. I am and others are still his friends and don't want him to feel left out or upset.
  12. Yeah. Before we released the server we removed a ton of staff and make a starting team.
  13. He is probably on his buddies... @Dillon @Havasu
  14. 3.1 will be dope.