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  1. Sahhh dude
  2. I see this a lot as well and sums it up well.
  3. Hell yeah. Thx for the game, love u bb.
  4. psa

    Well done @drizzy.vip
  5. Just got out hospital... present? <3 Loved our times together <3
  6. Ur a legend
  7. Don't make explosive server. Cause there just aids with rpgs flying everywhere
  8. Make me general 😂😂
  9. Issue resolved /locked
  10. Good job
  11. Thx for the support
  12. @drizzy.vip
  13. As most staff know I'm in hospital and have been for 3-4 weeks and it's been rough and I need to let the players know. ive had tough news today saying I could have died x2 but the doctors saved my life with the operations. My parents said how they are and we're worried and cried and lost sleep and got worked up when i was in surgery. It's all been getting too me and I've been emotional myself and am right now as I could have died. When I get out which we hope is soon I will be taking it slow on the server and I hope you understand. Ive missed a lot my birthday, Christmas, New Years and hyplex 3 release. I need time. -Mr.Salty
  14. Gg Aaron
  15. Credits in game. ive been in hospital for weeks and want a reward 😂😂