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  1. You've changed your name that many times no one knows you anymore lol, for all we know you could be an impersonator.
  2. How long did that take you do? Lol
  3. Is that you? Lol
  4. Dave cross is @Infusion not @Dave
  5. Misty already said that...
  6. Hello stranger!
  7. I'm basically deaf now.. That hurt my ears
  8. A custom map is in development. Imagine the lag of 100 people with cars. People have to spend a decent amount of money to get them. Building a decent staff team takes time because we need staff from different time zones. Party systems are buggy AF and that's what orgs are for. It ruins the aspect of working towards a great character if you have books + donations keep the server running.
  9. Read the comments.
  10. not sure http://hyplex.co/fastdl/hyplexrp/maps/rp_downtown_v4c_h1.bsp Place that into: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\maps
  11. Bork Rest in piece Gabe D:
  12. We can't just pick people off the streets to be mod.. They have to actually make a decent application to show they're loyal.
  13. I'm resigned