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  1. @Junk
  2. Accepted come talk to me/Salty/Speed in game
  3. Are you kidding me? You think that people should be banned for hacks for saying something in chat, of course, getting real evidence would be absurd... p.s I am involved as I was talking to him at the time.
  4. Propblocked etc. also was a rather rude (Check mod chat). Lucas just banned him for a couple of hours but probably deserves a bit more.
  5. Didn't touch you
  6. We all are, but it seems that we may have to wait quite a bit longer, DarkRP seems to be the priority at the moment.
  7. No, no and no
  8. Had a similar problem on CS at one point, it fixed by enabling vsync then disabling it
  9. Finally, took you long enough.
  10. Oh god.
  11. 100+ people all watching stuff on TVs on one server, might as well ask for cars
  12. Watch Dogs 2. Hell yeah. How do you afford all this?! Prostitute
  13. You get the same answer every time because you keep asking, that's what is happening.