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  1. 100+ people all watching stuff on TVs on one server, might as well ask for cars
  2. Watch Dogs 2. Hell yeah. How do you afford all this?! Prostitute
  3. I guess this is resolved then /lock
  4. You get the same answer every time because you keep asking, that's what is happening.
  5. Speed needs drizzy, drizzy is busy with Hyplex 3.1, once that's done there we be a lot of time and money put into SWRP to make it back to what it was, even better.
  6. Well it looks like it's something to do with your inventory being full. I would try removing some stuff such as the 11 crowbars and retrying
  7. Accepted (we were going to add you anyway) I'll put you down as guns and building I guess, can you notify either me or speed of the RP name you will be using
  8. Grate person!!!


  9. Accepted, you will be added to the roster shortly, please notify either me or @SpeedBolt of the specific role you would like to take i.e weed, guns etc.
  10. I sympathise with you here, some of the most troublesome people on the server have just been annoying cadets, always try and keep it to a low, if you reach a point where you are absolutely definite you cannot/they will not be trained then you can ask a member of staff to talk to them, they will then deem if they have an intention to physically play on the server. If you have some kind of problem with the cadet in hand then I advise you to look to other people who could attempt to train them, but as always, if it goes to far just call a member of staff.
  11. Yeah, sorta messed up on that. Was due to do them but then had to go to hospital. I'm mainly watching out for a point where there is a lot of people online so we can get the best commander possible.
  12. I am seriously considering giving you back the rank, what you're saying is true, we do tryouts and then the person doesn't come online.