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  1. hey drizzy i just wanted to know how to staff apply because i just want to help the server to be a better place for all the people who are joining;)

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  2. <3
  3. Hi, We're changing the management team up a bit - and Haley has been gracefully demoted. It's best for her, and the community hopefully. The new people coming into the management team are @Havasu @Dillon @flow with @Doctor Berry remaining the forum manager. Hopefully, everyone can give them a warm welcome and bear with us while they learn the ropes. I wanted to take this post as an opportunity to thank Haley for all the work she's put in. She's an absolutely fucking amazing person I've had the fortune of getting to know over the last 1-2 years. I've always found her a pleasure to have around, and I hope she goes on to do great things. If you want to check it out - her youtube channel she's now working on is here: https://www.youtube.com/YungGHaley More details will be posted as we get them set in stone. Thanks for the continued support and patience <3 Drizzlelizzle
  4. Hi I got Perma banned when i joined true secound account! Can u please check my unban request and answer? Cuz im waiting for unban like 3 weeks myb 4!

    1. Dillon


      Sorry about the delay - These are being looked at soon.

      - Dillon

  5. Mugging is now disallowed, rules updated to reflect this. Discuss here if you want
  6. Just a note that normal members can now sync their Discord, and we advise you do so
  7. Whats up peoples, As per promised, SWRP credits have all been systematically refunded. You can spend them on DarkRP or Deathrun that's launching soon. (Deathrun isn't launching with any VIP features at first, but if the server gets enough support we'll add them) Credits are also currently 15% off if you want to take advantage of that. If there are any issues with your refund please contact me. SWRP will be comming back, but it will be a whole new beast when it does, with a lot of changes. The VIP features may also change on it - but we're aiming to keep the prices of features we keep as similar as we can. Edit: Jailbreak credits have also been refunded. Regards
  8. Features are expensive for a multitude of reasons. Allow me to break a few down for you: If everyone bought it the server would be vastly different. Whichever item you're looking at - if everyone bought it that item would lose value in game. Which isn't good for the longevity of the server. We don't want someone to just "pay2win" and get the best paid-for features with a weekend job. It should at least be unreasonable to "Pay 2 Win" Raise capital. We reinvest a lot of money into good developers, while it's mostly done on a white-label so you don't know about the developer specifically I can name a few notable devs we've hired for you. (No way near all, or even half of the people who make Hyplex a reality) Billy , from bLogs Trixter Metamist LittleBigBug (While he hasn't been paid yet, nor have we decided how much he should earn - he is putting in work, and time. Time isn't free and he deserves to and will be paid for it. Even though he doesn't want to be lol) Me (Yes, I don't work for free either lol) Capital is also raised to improve infrastructure in Hyplex's parent company Crident - and in turn providing a better experience for Hyplex itself. Re-invest in other gamemodes and ideas. We're planning to invest about $2-4k in total to develop a new StarwarsRP gamemode. We lose a lot of money. Seriously - we lose a fuck tonne of money from people using their parents cards/paypal without permission, and we need to pay that money back, sometimes with an extra fee up to £20 PER transaction. I've honestly had cases with up to 4-5 different payments all getting charged back at one point, with a total amount of around £130 on the transactions alone, it's actually another £100 in fee's. We can't do much to avoid the fee's; "It's just part of the job". So not only do we lose the £130 that the person paid after they've already used the features they wanted, we also have to pay £100 out of our own pocket... That's really just scraping the surface, there is other shit I'm leaving out - and some stuff I'm just straight up not mentioning. Our website alone costs about $300 up front and $100 every few months to keep it updated. Then to host it we use a dedicated server that costs about $100/mo. The game server costs about $140/mo to run with all our DDoS mitigation and license shit included. All this combined is why we switched to the new donation system - as to allow people "on a budget" to buy the things they actually care about, while also letting people "not on a budget" to fund all the above things, and more! Hope that clears some things up
  9. *ACCEPTED* You should be unbanned soon. If not - please PM me or another member of the Global Management Team DB edit: User unbanned.
  10. It's because you haven't died yet, technically. Hoping to fix this in 3.1
  11. You can delete them, you just need to contact me. I hope to get a forum section up soon
  12. comic sans
  13.  Dizzy i bought a 900 Kshop points and i didnt get the points 

    what is this?


    1. drizzy.vip


      please PM me your transaction ID

  14. pls help 



  15. Staff can change their name up to 3 times every 7 days. Members can change their name every 5 times every month, however members can't change their name until they've been registered for at least 30 days. Change your name here: https://hyplex.co/forum/settings/username/