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  1. While I do think there should be default laws - I want the mayor to be able to legalise printers/drugs
  2. Yeah
  3. patch

    3.1.03b - karma logic tweaks
  4. http://drizzy.vip
  5. experimental

    PAC draw distances are now fixed - anyone who maximised this setting will want to now lower it to about 1000-1500 depending on your PC. PAC should automatically shut off if it's using more than 5FPS to at least avoid it fucking you over in critical situations.
  6. patch

    and another one Forgot to mention - if people could please keep me informed on any FPS changes (if they notice an increase, mainly) please post about it here.
  7. this is planned, but I want to fix bugs before I add new shit
  8. it's not public
  9. its not an addon, nor is it public
  10. something is planned, but we're fixing the issues before we add new content
  11. hotpatch

    can you guys stop moaning about advanced dupe, it'll be fixed when it's fixed
  12. This is fixed in tonights update anyway /locked
  13. experimental

    There are some FPS issues atm on 3.1 - some users can deal with it, some can't. Here are some tricks to make your FPS more stable. The first one, is when you load in - type "gmod_mcore_test 1; mat_queue_mode -1; cl_threaded_bone_setup 1" into your game console, this will probably help the most. You should need to do this every time you load in, and it MAY cause your game to become unstable - after all it's a test feature. I might add an option to auto-enable this under the PAC settings, but for now, you'll need to manually enter it each time you load in. The second one, won't help as much, just press F4, go to the settings tab and try lowering this setting: We'll work to improve the FPS on our end however, we're focusing on more important bugs/issues first, so for now - these should keep your FPS stable.
  14. hotpatch

    coming out tonight
  15. bug fixes

    adv dupe is at the bottom of a fairly long list of issues atm