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  1. if you want this suggestion to make any change then actually provide the paths for the models you'd like to see whitelisted
  2. patch

    Forward ported FAS patch, the following weapons should be working now: M4A1 G36C FAMAS F1 M14 M21 SG550 SR-25 M82 Thanks to @LittleBigBug for spotting the issue
  3. Afaik doing it the way you're referring to would cause inefficiencies and inconsistencies if compared to the typical way of doing it. While it's possible, it's a bit unnecessary and in my opinion I'd rather not have it, being able to check on your printers while away is kinda OP in general
  4. C4

    This is such a terrible OP idea
  5. Personally think it shouldn't just notify them, it would be OP This isn't relevent to the printers at all - please read the OP Please try to keep the thread on topic - however he did work out the issues with the guns and I'll forward port that fix asap
  6. I think they need more ways for the player to engage with them - some of the ideas me and Bug had in TS are here too: They get dirty and require cleaning, which will affect how quickly it heats up Keep the battery requirement, but make them need to craft printer batterys - so it's not just a 1click battery refill type thing. Make the coolers craftable, too. Make it require ink and paper to print, both of which will be buyable from NPC's (use pre-existing ones) Allow people to overclock their printers, but if they do that the heat raises quicker and also uses more power The printers could be totally modular, so instead of having tiers - you build a printer base, a battery, and cooler etc. to the spec you want. This means you can make OP printers which are more reliable when overclocked? Obviously not all of them need to be done - this is just the ideas I've got rn
  7. Hey guise, This is just to let you all know who @LittleBigBug is, and what he's here for. He's a developer I've known for a long time and after some talking he's comming into the development of Hyplex 3 to help me out more. He knows what he's doing and he's worked with me before on Aero - if anyone remembers him, make sure to say hi and make him feel welcome If you have any questions just drop them here - he's also on Discord so you can message him there if you need to. - Drizzleeeee
  8. While his KOS sign might be invalid - he can always kill people who are breaking into his base. You don't need a KOS sign to do that.
  9. We allow other users to post in it in case they have new evidence they can provide. We make the threads public for transparency so players can see we don't just ignore the reports
  10. @Kuikentje NL didn't even reply?
  11. no
  12. Hi, ive just been trying to contact anyone that can look at my ban appeal and decide whether or not i can go back onto darkrp


    1. Dillon


      Hey @Ashley swaggers

      Your request will be checked soon, please bare with the Management Team.

  13. Resolved
  14. original post(er) - aka you