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Nunu Staff Complaint

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In Game Name: Abradolf Lincler

Steam Id: STEAM_0:0:190452053

Staff Member: Nunu

Reason: I am reporting this staff member for abuse of his power and for not doing his job as a good staff should. I have recently been warned for rdm and banned for 5 hours for "being toxic, chill out" after i was warned for rdm. My friend and I were being minged for quite a while by two players, and when shot I was brought to a sit where Nunu  was the staff taking the sit. When brought to the sit I was obviously very angry as I was brought to a sit for "rdming" a guy who has been propblocking and propminging for a long time. I admit I was getting pretty violent, but Nunu did nothing to the guy who has been prop blocking a prop minging, instead he decided to give me a 5 hour ban. That 5 hour ban I feel is unfair considering how much trouble the other player was giving me.

Possible Action Towards This Staff: I feel that Nunu should not receive a demotion but something not that  harmful as everyone deserves a second chance.

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Ok this is what happened.

The guy reported you for rdm before you did so i took his report first and when he claimed that you guys were rdming out of ur base withoud warning what so ever.

I told the guy that i was gonne spectate him and asked him to go to ur base and right when he did you rdmed him withoud any valid reason and withoud any warnings..

So i bring you and the victim into a sit and explain to you what you were doing wrong and warn you for rdm, after the warn you continued being disrespectful and toxic towards me and him even when i told you to calm down multiple times.

After you didnt stop i banned you for 5 hours to cool of.

There were 54 out of 64 players online and every 2 minutes there was a report and i was the only one who was taking the reports, its not fun for me or for every other staff to get yelled at when they are dealing with this pressure.

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