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Hyplex 1.5.2B

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  • Stop the org tag showing when it shouldn't
  • Admins+ can now suicide (only used for when shit breaks...)
  • Measures to stop people spamming or abusing OOC (I think I already pushed this so it might be out already)
  • Fixes the !sit system (hopefully)
    • Just a recap: Sit system BETA
    • admins can type !sit <name> to create a sit
    • !sit <name> to add another player to your sit
    • !sit <name> to remove a player from your sit
    • !sit to end the sit (will return all players currently in sit etc)
      • If a player leaves during a sit and reconnects it'll add them back once fully loaded in.
      • While we tested this as much as we could, I expect I haven't considered every possible thing that can go wrong. This is an immensely complex system, so if something breaks let me know - and give me the time it happened in GMT+0. It'll print your local time in console every 10 seconds for reference.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.