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My Best Base So Far

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This Base Is in the warehouse right of the pd and uses no-collided props to its full power.


Standing on the sides or looking downwards while crouching puts your gun down and disables you from shoot anywhere, you can shoot through the small crack in the middle and can shoot while crouching.

You can see the enemies entire body while they are in the base and you can kill them easily.

You can kill enemies from above when they are lockpicking the first door.


The walls are bulletproof and all entrances are blowtorch-proof.


Here are some screenshots of the base to know what i'm talking about:














Sorry for fucked up resolution pics, they came out like small for some reason.


No i am not giving this base away or selling it, i am simply showcasing it to the community.

Copy the design if you would like.
















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On 10/28/2017 at 3:27 PM, itz_basiccc said:

Twix are you going to ever put this up for sale?

Look at the bottom of post, he said he's not.

Best Regards


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