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Jack O' Neill

Staff Application by jack O' Neill

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Hello Dear, Hyplex Community!

Today is an Important day, Im writing my Staff Application today! I got some Questions to Answer before i start write my Text.

1. How long are you playing on the Hyplex.co Server?: Not for Long but i am Working on two Server's with are Pretty high with Activity.

2. Have you ever been punished by a Mod/Admin?: No i have'nt been Punished in/of any.

3. How can you help the Server?: I am Expired in things like "Communication" and "Rules" of any Server's, I would help People having more fun on the Server, With Stopping RDM'ers, Propblockers, Trolling etc. I would also help with showing others my Expirence i have from other Games/Servers.


About me:

I am 15 Years old, Known as "Expired Mod/Admin On Duty" I am Active on Monday - Friday for 3 - 6 Hours, and on Weekend to 8 - 10 Hours or more! I serve 20 People in one day as Mod/Admin, Sometimes more if needed, or sometimes not that much if we/i worked hard a day. People on [GER] Wasted DarkRP & on [EU/UK] SeriousRP are Pretty Feeling good with having me in the Staff Team with helping Players/Guest's/New Player's with Problems, or Solving the Rules when someone does not follow them or Ignore them, I've also been playing as a Normal Player on GMOD and know how it feel being a Interessted Person which sometimes wants fun or wants to Enjoy time on the Servers, I've been going also trough Rule Ignores and got Warns on servers for not following them, that's why i Speacialy can get in the Role of a Normal Player.


If you wish to know more, Simply Contact me, or Text me Private!


Hopefully hearing good news soon!


Wrote and Signed by:

Jack O' Neill


Steam / In-Game name: L3zo

Edited by Jack O' Neill

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1) You posted this in forum admin applications instead of DarkRP staff applications.

2) You didn't use the format.

3) You wouldn't meet the requirements on the format anyway.

I will lock this, please check out the format in the DarkRP staff applications subforum and post your application there.



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