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Raven's Fleet Application

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Navy Application


Personal Information:


Your Steam Name – REDFEARLESS


Your SteamID – STEAM_1:0:95696860


Your IG Name – CG Raven


Your current rank (IC) – Corporal


What time zone are you in? CEST (UTC/GMT +2 hours)


Your real-life date of birth – 20/5/2003


Why do you want to be navy?


In my own mind, I would say I already have great natural leadership skills, but I would like to learn further. Though I am comfortable with my current ranking, I feel like I could be in a higher control, while still being able to keep my calm. When it comes to being under pressure, I am still able to focus. concentrate and take a step back to look at the situation as a whole. Being a coordinator and a tactician is my specialty. Overall, I find it a suitable position for me. It does come with a lot of responsibility, but I believe I can handle it. Finally, I always try to be an active member of the Hyplex community and I promise to continue my activity and support of the server.


What would make you a better choice than others?


This high-ranking position needs someone who is respected in the community, known in the community and can be flexible, yet always remember important tactics and to be a good role-model for future Clones and Navy Officers. I believe I can take on that task. I have a lot of free time, so whenever a Navy Officer is not online, I will always fill in the slot if possible. I am an easy person to negotiate with and I feel that people can always easily count on me without worrying, like the support of a brotherhood, which is what I intend to be seen as.


Do you have Navy experience?


Unfortunately, I have not been part of the Navy before. However, I have been an administrator on at least 6+ DarkRP-servers before, giving me leadership experience when it comes to Garry’s Mod.


References – @LionsDen, @ItzRugglez, @Akings


True or False Section:

Midshipman > Lieutenant – False

Admiral is the highest rank – True

Commodore < Captain – False

Commander < Midshipman – True


Scenario Questions:


For these questions, you are a 501st Private:


Commodore Cross tells you to report to the med bay but the commander of your current regiment commands you to report to the Brig, what do you do?


I would follow the commands of the Commodore.


4 troopers are injured, a generic clone trooper, a medic, the Naval Admiral and the commander of your current regiment, who do you save with your 1 remaining med-kit?


This depends on the situation. If the Naval Admiral is severely injured, that would be my first choice of priority. If the Naval Admiral is not severely injured, I would help the medic. That way, the medic can heal the rest of the squadron.


For these questions, you are a Midshipman:


You have just arrived on a planet and your goal is to dispose of attacking enemies, the enemies are scattered everywhere patrolling in squads, what is your plan to defeat the enemies?


My first command would be to get a reconnaissance team, like the 41st, to scout out the patrolling squads, without being spotted. Once they have reported back, the regiments will be assembled into multiple teams to defeat the enemies as stealthily and as controlled as possible. If the situation escalates to an uncontrollable state, all troopers shall retreat back to base to regroup, and we shall come up with a new sophisticated plan. When all enemies have been eliminated, I would command a willing regiment to do a thorough full planet search, making sure it is clear to leave. Once it is, we return to the ship.


There is a trooper constantly breaking the Golden Rules, what do you do?


Assuming that this trooper is in a regiment, I would immediately report this to his Commander and recommend a demotion or another form of punishment. The rest is up to the Commander.


You see an unknown vessel in the Radar, what do you do?


If I encounter a ship on the radar, the first important action is to try to communicate with the unknown ship, to defuse the situation in a calm manner. If the ship is unable or unwilling to communicate back, precautions should be taken. I would then set the ship to DEFCON 5 alert status and send out a trooper to investigate the unknown vessel to report about the situation. If the trooper fails to do so, all hangar doors will be locked, and the unknown ship would immediately be shot down.


In the event of a Defcon 1 situation, what should you do to get the troopers off the ship safely?


Since Defcon 1 is the most dangerous situation a ship can be in, it is very important to stay calm, yet agile and efficient during evacuation. Firstly, I would command the Republic Pilots-regiment to the Main Hangar Bay to get the ships ready for flight, and the rest of the regiments to calmly line up in the Main Hangar Bay, next to the ships. The Pilots will then proceed to split up the regiments and have them enter the ships. Once all passengers of the transport ship have strapped in, we are ready to leave the ship.


Thank you for your consideration

Sincerely, Raven

Edited by Raven

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Confirmation of reference.



+I think this detailed app explains itself...
+Really nice person.

+Knows what he's doing.

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- Detailed Application.

- Great player & good leader.

- Knows what he's doing.


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  • Detailed app.
  • Active player.
  • Good leader.
  • Overall solid guy.

Good luck amigo.

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+ Support


  • Good, detailed app
  • Active 
  • Good guy
  • Good Rp'er / leader


Best of luck :) 


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