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Enforcing Lore/New Manager Change

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As many of you know, we released the server as a SeriousRP server, and something that comes with a serious SWRP server is lore. Currently, we have not been enforcing the lore aspect a lot, however you will expect some changes to this as we are going to be focusing on making a lot of lore changes.


One of these being the Jedi system. We're going to fully turn this to lore, and enforce certain aspects of the jedi order that you would see typically in the movies or series. We're changing the jedi crafting system, meaning you wont be able to have legendaries at padawan, as this is completely against lore. We are also going to try and add a progression feeling, so as you progress through the jedi ranks, you unlock more things for your lightsaber so you can develop your own type of lightsaber. I am also changing the commanders to use their lore names, as this will enhance the players immersion.


Something else I want to touch on is I will be bringing in Simple to manage the staff side of SWRP while I focus on the in-game side of things to get that sorted. I will be trying to focus on making events the best they can be, without having to sort out staff problems simultaneously. 

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