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Advanced Recon Commandos

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Advanced Recon Commandos


Brief Description

The Advanced Recon Commandos or ARC was an elite variate of the Clone Troopers lead by Commander Blitz.  On the server, the Advanced Recon Commandos work with Ima Gundi and Quinlan Vos (both being members of the Jedi Order).



The Advanced Recon Commandos were equipped with an early model of the Phase II clone trooper armour and was field tested by them before being handed out to the rest of the troopers. This armour set was unique, which differed a whole lot from the standard issue kit given to the normal soldiers, and were given more components and had the ability to customize their armour to how they wanted it. Many notable troopers such as CT-7567 otherwise known as Commander 'Rex' were once an ARC Trooper - they were trained to serve in positions of command within the Grand Army.



The Advanced Recon Commandos equipment has been reworked to have the best fire rate, however the worst damage - not by much, though. The standard issue Clone Trooper weapon has 2 more damage than the DC17M that the ARC Troopers are equipped with. Additional to this - you're able to purchase certain things in-game such as stim kits, armour and much more. ARC Troopers were given Phase II armour before any other trooper in order to field test it before giving it out to the normal clones.






Damage: 18

RPM: 457

Capacity: 60


Role of ARC

Advanced Recon Commandos were specially trained to be able to carry out the hardest of tasks that a normal trooper just simply wouldn't have been able to do. They were trained specially to be able to complete the harder missions. ARC Troopers are an elite unite trained specially to be able to carry out specific missions and to complete high profile operations.

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