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ClonewarsRP V2 Rules

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ClonewarsRP 2.0 Rules


Make sure you follow the rules at all time to ensure maximum gameplay - breaking the rules will result in you being punished, such as receiving a ban, kick, or warn. The server is SeriousRP, therefore breaking the rules will result in harsh punishments - our staff team follow the specific punishment guidelines put into place by Management to ensure that you're getting a fair punishment - however, this could still be a ban for something little. All rules stated below must be followed at all times to prevent punishments needing to be handed out and to ensure that there is maximum roleplay experience.


General Rules


  • Random Deathmatch
    • This is when you kill someone without valid reason within roleplay - for example, killing a fellow clone.
    • This is taken seriously, especially if in an admin situation.


  • Random Arrest
    • This is mainly for Clone Guards, however, this is when you arrest someone without a valid roleplay reason


  • Hacking & Exploiting
    • This is taken very seriously, and will result in a permanent ban without question - the game was made to be fair for everyone, so don't ruin it for them by using external programs or exploits within the game itself.


  • Trolling & Minging.
    • This is taken seriously as we expect you to be acting serious on the server, not messing around and being disruptive towards others experience within the server.


  • Impersonation
    • Any attempts at impersonating another user, especially a staff member of Hyplex will land you in a lot of trouble, as we can easily find out if you're attempting to act like someone else or not.


  • Swearing
    • Swearing is 'okay' however, try to keep it to a minimum as you wouldn't see clones running around swearing left, right and center.


  • Corruption
    • Acting corrupt will get you in a lot of trouble unless you've been given direct permission from an event planner or someone in Management for an event.


  • FailRP
    • This is the act of doing something that you wouldn't ordinarily see in the clonewars - for example, someone running around the ship bhopping or surfing.


  • Loopholes
    • Creating a loophole to get yourself out of being punished will only make the punishment worse, so don't do it.


  • Disrespect
    • Treat others how you wish to be treated, don't disrespect anyone - as we will not act lightly on it.


Communication Rules


  • Metagaming
    • This is using out of character information to get an advantage in-character, for example, receiving information out of character and using it to your advantage in-character.


  • Micspam
    • Micspamming will only cause you to be gagged, so save yourself from doing it in the first place.


  • Chat spam
    • Spamming the chat for no reason will result in you being muted, so don't bother.


  • Advertising
    • Advertising other communities will only cause you to be instantly permanently banned, so don't bother - you won't get far.


  • Incorrect use of the chats
    • This is when you use the wrong chat for the wrong purpose, for example - using the global communications system for something that should be in the out of character chat.


Regimental Rules


  • Regiment Hopping
    • Once you join a regiment, you must stay in that regiment for at least 48 hours.


  • Equipment Abuse
    • Do not abuse the equipment given to you, for example - do not abuse your stun stick as a Clone Guard.


  • Clearance Abusing
    • Do not abuse the clearance level given to you by your choice of regiment, if you're caught abusing your clearance you will most likely be punished heavily by your commanding officers.


Weaponry Rules


  • Weapon Abuse
    • Do not abuse your weapons in any way shape or form
    • Do not share your weapons with another person, they don't have them for a reason.


  • Random Discharge
    • Don't randomly shoot your weapon without reason - there's simply no need for it.


  • Enemy Weaponry
    • Don't use enemy weaponry whatsoever, it will only cause you to be punished as this links in with FailRP.


Jedi Rules


  • Lightsaber Abuse
    • Don't randomly ignite your lightsaber.
    • Don't kill teammates with your lightsaber.


  • Force Abuse
    • Don't abuse your force powers, if you're caught doing so you will be punished heavily.
    • Don't use force abilities you're not meant to have access to, for example - don't use a masters abilities as a padawan.


Please note, these rules are subject to change at any time, so be sure to check them regularly in order to keep up to date with the rules - if you're not up to date you could end up getting in trouble for something you thought was okay. If you're caught breaking the rules, expect to be punished, we're a SeriousRP server meaning if you're going to break rules you'll be punished a lot quicker than normal.


If you have any suggestions or ideas for the rules, be sure to message either someone on the StarwarsRP Management Team or myself.

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