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Hyplex Forum Rules

While using the forums you must follow the rules set out below, failure to do so will result in either a warning or termination of account.


Rule 1 - Alternate Accounts.

You may not own multiple accounts while using the forums, if you do have alternate accounts they will be terminated. You may make an alternate account with permission from a network manager or from a forum manager.


Rule 2 - Abusive Content.

Racism/Sexism/Homophobia and any other form of content put onto the forums with the intent to harm someones reputation and or cause distress is strictly not allowed.


Rule 3 - Impersonation.

Any attempt to impersonate another person on the forums is not tolerated, your account will be terminated.


Rule 4 - Spamming.

The excessive posting of material on our forums is not allowed and will result in restriction of posting.


Rule 5 - Signature / Profile Picture Guidelines.

Your profile picture / signature should not contain any pornographic material or induce seizures (flashing lights) and should not contain any personal information if you fail to meet these guidelines your picture will be removed.


Rule 6 - Personal Attacks.

The attack of specific individuals or those in a group will not be tolerated, the release of private information will be reguarded as a personal attack and will see your account being terminated.


Rule 7 - Flaming.

The flaming between parties will not be tolerated and if the anti-social behavior continues both parties will receive a restriction to their posting.


Rule 8 - Necroposting.

Do not post on threads which haven't been replied to in 2 weeks or more unless they are still topical, eg. unresolved unban requests.


Rule 9 - Clickbait

Do not create posts that mislead people into clicking them .


Rule 10 - Reputation Abuse

Spamming someone with negative/positive reputation with the intent purpose of lowering/raising their reputation count is disallowed and will result in restrictions on reacting to peoples posts.

You may also not create posts that are designed just to gain reputation.


Rule 11 - Applications

You may not -support applications for reasons that are stated in the requirements unless if they do not meet said requirement (eg. "age","rep","forum posts"). You may only post in applications if you are adding something constructive (eg. + or - support), you may not neutral applications.



Note: These rules are subject to change

Disclaimer; by creating an account you agree to the rules mentioned above.

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