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*Disclaimer; By closing the MOTD and playing our server, you agree to the rules and conduct*


General Rules

The following are against the rules:


  Trying to escape an admin situation

⇨  Abusive behaviour in admin situations

⇨  Using the report system for something its not intended for e.g asking for money.

⇨  Behaviour which the general majority of people involved find disruptive

  • This covers things like micspam, trolling, using a voice changer, etc.

  Behaviour which the majority of the players on the server find disruptive

  • This includes advertising other servers, chat spam, exploiting (includes missing textures), threatening to DDoS etc.

  Actions which are clearly unreasonable or unrealistic with intent to be malicious

  • Racism, sexism, homophobia etc

⇨  Not warning someone 3 times with a delay of 3 seconds before killing them.

  • You must not warn using the yell feature


Roleplay Rules

The following are against the rules:


  Doing anything that isn’t reasonably justifiable in RP

  • This rule covers things like RDM, RDA, etc.
  • You can not use tragedies or rare cases as reasonable justification
  • You can not create a story to justify your actions

              ■    This includes things like; mugging, kidnapping etc.

  • You may not mug or kidnap (Regardless of whether the receiver agrees to it or not)
  • Enforcing laws as a member of SWAT
  • Selling RP jobs to another player

    Using information from a third party source during roleplay (metagaming)

  ⇨  Using jobs for their non-intended purpose, this includes;

  • Switching jobs to just buy weapons

             ■   Gun dealers may, however, buy a single weapon to defend their property with

  • Doing things that aren’t reasonably justifiable in RP like;

             ■   Mass Murder

             ■   Become corrupt as a government official

             ■   Owning a gun as a hobo

  Intentionally taking longer than necessary to raid bases

  Going to the place you were killed before the event leading up to your death is over

  Accepting hits as a hitman without having an RP reason

  • Examples of valid hits include;

            ■  Target raiding you

            ■  Target stealing items

            ■  Target following or annoying you constantly.

  • This means as a hitman you must make sure you are only accepting hits with valid RP reasons.

  Scamming outside of criminal jobs

  Raiding outside of criminal jobs

  • Excluding organized police raids

  Countering anything you’re not directly involved with

  • This excludes;

           ■  Police countering criminal activity (a raid when raiding is legal)

           ■  People in your gang/organization who are being raided

           ■  People on your steam friends list who are being raided

Malicious racism or otherwise abusive communication with intent to be malicious

Creating and enforcing unreasonable or unrealistic laws. Some laws that are allowed:

           ■  Laws, however, cannot contradict server rules (e.g random base checks)

  Commencing RP situations while in a spawn area (kidnapping)

  Using cameras to view parts of a base which usually aren’t accessible without raiding

  You must follow raid cooldowns

  • 5 minutes on a different person
  • 10 minutes on the same person

Building Rules

The following are against the rules:


  You cannot create lines at the front of your base which when passed by a player give you the right to kill them on sight. These are more commonly known as KOS Lines.

  Raiding with a building sign

  You are not allowed to have KOS signs for “everything”.

  • You may only have a KOS sign for "Entering/Raiding".

  Having a KOS  & Building sign (the building sign becomes void)

  Having a building sign with items of value inside the base

  Not having an easily accessible keypad from either side of a fading door

  Prop block

  • Blocking items of value with props
  • Restricting map access in a meaningful way with props
  • Includes blocking doors from being picklocked with no-collided props

  Prop climb

  • Building props for the purpose to bypass a (fading) door, or otherwise into an area you can’t otherwise access
  • You may, however, use props on entrance bridges to bases since they aren’t part of the base’s structure itself

  Using no-collide during RP to grant access

  Building your base with

  • Crouch spaces
  • Death mazes
  •  Fading doors designed to be confusing or misleading
  • Multi-layered fading doors
  • “Blackout Bases”; fully / predominantly black bases which make it difficult to navigate the base
  • Tunnels which restrict a players movement completely (excludes removing the raiders ability to jump)
  • You may not use the advantage of angle abuse while building your base
  • You may not use invisible props at all while building

  You may have 4 fading doors between the entrance to your base and any valuable items inside.

  Building a checkpoint as a non-government official.

  Building in PD as a non-government official.

  • Using the fading door toggle key during a raid to make it impossible to raid

  If you wish to build a base of the roof of a building you must own all doors in said building

  On bases, You must be able to:

  • Fit 2 players between each of your fading doors


*Disclaimer; By closing the MOTD and playing our server, you agree to the rules and conduct*

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  • Added "Unwritten rule" against Invisible props and angle abuse

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  • Added a rule clarifying that mugging + kidnapping is completely disallowed
  • Added a rule clarifying that you can't sell jobs to other players
  • Added a rule clarifying that if you use the report system for its none intended use you can be punished.

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  • Fading doors immediately next to a map-door



  • Fading Door
    • Limits
    • Amount of players fittable between fading doors
  • Warning before killing
  • Government Checkpoint
  • Building/KOS Sign Rules
  • Raiding Cooldowns
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  • Warning Rule
  • Fading Door Rule

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  • Reverted fading door rule.
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