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Dev Team Application Format

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Please Note the following before applying for dev team;

-Must have development experience

-Need to KNOW Lua (none of this download drag and drop shit)

-Good stand with the community

-Work well with others


Here is a little thing we want you to know before applying; we are looking for Propper developers you do not need to be the greatest but you must know Lua to make your own addons,  we do not want downloading, drag and dropping (or I will cry). You will not start with console access you will slowly work your way up with; good work, good team work, dedication and trust.


Please follow the following template for applying for SWRP Dev Team on Hyplex Networks Servers;

Your Steam Name –

(Your Steam name, not IG name)


Your SteamID –



What is your time zone –

(GMT format please)


Date Of Birth –



Any past experience? if so what?

(list servers or examples of code)


Why do you want to join the SWRP Dev Team?

(100 words min)


What makes you a better choice than others?

(100 words min)


Any other additional information?

(Other info)

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NOTE: These will stay open until we get the amount of dev's we want. Until we say the applications are closed you may apply.

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