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Cocaine for dumbos

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Prob fix in the update :kami:

1. Buy 6 boxes for collecting leaves.

2. Walk over to the coco plants

3. Fill each box by holding it next to the plant (each box holds 30 leaves , 1 plant has 15)

4. Go back to your base

5 Buy 4 buckets of Kerosin

6. Put the box on the bucket (Each bucket holds 45 leaves) using your physgun. Wait till the box is empty.

7. Fill all the buckets

8. Shake the 4 buckets until it says "ready to use" above each one

9. Buy 2 buckets of "Water for drufing leaves"

10. Place 2 kerosin on each bucket

11. Shake the filled water buckets      until it says "ready to use" above each one

12. Buy a bottle of sulfuric acid

13. Put the water buckets in it

14. Buy a stove and a gascan 

15. Put the gascan in the stove

16. Press E on the stove 

17. Buy a pot

17.5 Place the pot on the stove

18. Put the sulfuric acid in the pot

19. Press E on the stove again

20. Wait till the temperature reaches 70 °

21. Turn off the stove when it happens

22. Buy gasoline 

23. Push the pot against it

24. Wait 5 secs

25. Press E on the gasoline

26. Done

Now use your physgun to bring it to the cocaine dealer , drop it near his feet and press E on him.




Many buckets in this post 

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holy shit that takes forever

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21 hours ago, Boa Constrictor Barry said:

It is broken at the moment but if you type in youtube garry's mod darkRP cocain tutorial there probably is one


just make sure the DEA isn't looking into you at the time cos you will definitely lose your front door if they see you searching for cocaine on youtube.

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