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This is very late but here are our new features, I am aware we need to tweak some thing ( @Chaos ) we will do that for update 1.1.1. This is a re-vamp and we have many new features and i'd appriate some feed back. This would not have been done without Management and everyone who helped build the new map (Chaos, Deathwing, Lions, Large and Infusion).


Here is the banger of 1.1.0:

  • Medical System - Knock out, bleeding & fracture - Brings for roleplay within the 74th regiment.
  • Gun & Equipment Changes - Followed by lore (little bit) - Helps regiments have what they actually need / wanted.
  • Stamina - Goes down by sprinting & jumping - This makes the server seem more serious as we are SeriousRP.
  • Lowered Slots - To hype it up more - This is to help us max the server out to create hype then eventually making it higher after each max out.
  • Anti AFK - Kicks players for being AFK - Kicks those hour boosters.
  • XP System - Get XP for kills & playtime - Each ranks gives you 1 armor to give players something to work for.
  • Respawn Bug - You do not spawn where you died
  • Respawn On Job Change - Make it seem more serious instead of magically changing.
  • Remove unwanted item for WS - Faster to load in
  • Removed CT Reg - Bland and boring and helps to make people change reg.
  • Added 501sr CPL - It was missing
  • New Map - Causes hype but has everything you need, including hyper space.
  • Lean Mod - Makes it more realistic and makes PVP better.
  • New Droid Models - Different type of events
  • 1 New Map - Makes events different
  • Holster - Makes it looks more realistic but sometimes disappears.
  • New Nades - Smokes, flash to make it more dope equipment.


and more...


I've misses a few things out but here is what we added and why we added them, sorry if this is long or wordy but should be done and shown. The next update will be small fixes but should be out in a while to create "hype" YAY?!?!



           SWRP Management Team

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9 minutes ago, Mr.Salty said:

New Map - Causes hype but has everything you need, including hyper space.

lemme just get in a quick little subtle plug



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1 minute ago, 27_Genders said:

lemme just get in a quick little subtle plug




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Great update log dude, sever is going great and everybodys enjoying it. If you haven't joined yet, JOIN!

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