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you may know me as 3than or the minge I'm going from hyplex due to a permaban I know I shouldn't have acted like a dick but like most the time people just wanted me warned because they thought I was a Dick like yeah. Shout out to like @Quicksilverand @Brutalprobs they only 2 friends I have in the world seems a bit sad I will appeal again but I'm sure it will get denied I'm am very sad in permabanned and regret my mistakes 



3than out 

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1 minute ago, Boa Constrictor Barry said:

cant be arsed to type so ill steal Freezy's

You typed more than you quoted.

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This will cause unessecary arguments, he's made his leaving post, nothing else really needs to be discussed.

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    You will be warned if you talk about your own bans or staff apps in here.

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    • Steam Name - Dawelitty   In Game Hours - 52 Hours   In Game Rank - 8   In Game RP Name - Dawe    why i want to join - i want to join because i want to rp with people interact with people and get to know new people and i heard this group in one of the best groups.   What i can bring - if i have a lot of money or when i can donate to the group a good builder so if u need a secure base i can help i can give positive vibes to people i can help people with people who are arguing and with people who are sad.   Additional info - i'm a calm person so i'm most likely to not get mad i'm friendly  
    • ACCEPTED. @Raytox should know that this is in violation to building rules, although this doesn't warrant a demotion he will receive a temporary strike for this offense.     @Raytox   You have been issued a strike (tier) on the `16/1/2018` For the reason `Breaching Building Rule` This tier will expire in 4 weeks You will be demoted if you achieve `1` more tier
    • Sad to see you go recoiled, good luck at the navy.
    • Before I was Mod I can remember hearing about you leaving for something to do with the army or something. Glad to hear your alive lol. BTW I love your fps guide lmao.