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I was falsely banned...

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For who might not know me my name is Jasper. I am a 13 year old kid who feels like I have been falsey banned. I know I have made a lot of mistakes. I know I ma 13 and you might not listen to me, but maybe you can hear me out. I was banned for 2 days, I feel like this ban was false. The mod banned me for ''2nd offense rdm." I killed a citizen becuase he was harrassing me. Playing jokes, he made me crazy. He is the type of person who would go behind your back. This guy I killed killed me multiple times as well. He made up the most stupid excuses. For instance, he killed me as soon as I owned one door on a building. I reported me, but he got off with a verbal warning. He said he was raiding. He is only doing this to make me feel powerless, these types of situations occur frequent. I have no evidence to prove my innocence. Thats not all to the story. I also got banned for ban evading know I know this is a permanent ban, but I feel like If iwerent banned for 2 days firstly then this wouldnt happen. It wasnt second offense, I only killed him once. Startback gave me the confidence to submit this and make this. He is a great guy. Im so glad he is helping hyplex be a better place. Thats all guys I hope I will see you next time peace.


P.S. Im sorry to whoever I annoyed. Im sorry sanity, mr tubby, mods I gave a rough time, mr wong, Im sorry hyplex. 

Whoever reads this I hope you know what the right thing is. Thank you for your time. MUCH LOVE FROM MY HOME TOWN KENTUCKY! <3

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