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Star Wars RP Rules

Make sure you follow the rules all the time to prevent you from receiving punishments such as, bans, kicks and warns. This server is a Serious RP therefore breaking rules will result in a harsh punishment including bans on first offences  as it is discretional of the staff member. All rules will be stated below with a brief description explaining it, remember rules are always changing so keep up to date.


General Rules


This is when you kill someone without a valid reason.



This is when you arrest a someone without a valid reason.


English Only:

This is an English community therefore you must speak and understand fluent English.



This is when you modify your game to have an advantage, for example Aim hacks, to make you never miss a shot.



This is when you find a bug or issue and use it to your ability without making a staff member aware of this issue



This is when you are not here to roleplay and just want to mess about and attempt to cause chaos on the server.



This is when you try be someone you are not for example pretending to be a Fleet or a staff member.



This is when you try cause havoc by trying to act smart in a trolling way.


Causing Distress:

This is when you constantly annoying, following or being disrespectful towards a users, this includes when you call the server "shit" ect.



This is when you use inappropriate words during roleplay, you can swear but keep it to a minimum. You can swear in ooc.


Fail Name:

This is when your name is either inappropriate or is incorrect of the role you are playing, this includes symbols and inappropriate numbers.



This is when you are corrupt and act like you are not with the clones, this can only be done if it's for an event.



This is when you do something you wouldn't do in a real star wars era. For example not following higher ups orders.


Breaking Character:

This is when you break character by talking / saying something out of character rather than in an ic chat. This includes chats about general stuff not related to roleplay.


Ruining Events:

This is when you attempt or ruin an event by causing chaos or disobeying orders.


Sit Abuse:

This is when you sit down to avoid taking damage, this also includes sitting on heads. You can only sit on chairs and debrief.


Prone Abuse:

This is when you randomly prone without a valid reason.


Breaking PTS:

This is when PTS is active and you talk, this includes using whisper and pm.


Breaking Binds:

This is when your binds are either inappropriate, done incorrectly or not made in the way stated in TR.


Strict Suicide:

This is when you kill yourself without a valid reason.


Creating A Loop Hole:

This is when you try find loop holes in rules to avoid gaining a punishment.


Treatment Avoiding:

This is when you re-spawn when being treated to by a medic.


Communication Rules



This is when you give IG information in the OOC chat, this includes /pm or any other communication device used while cuffed.



This is when you insult someone and feels offended, this includes punishments if done in ooc or ic.


Mic Spam:

This is when you hold down your mic continuously while talking / playing music.


Voice Changers:

This is when you use a programme to change the style of your voice.


Chat Spam:

This is when you send messages multiple times without a cool down.



This is when you advertise other servers, links or staff applications in the server chat.



This is when you make fun / inappropriate words just because someone is a certain; race or sexuality this includes words like "nigga" and "nigger".


Incorrect use of chat:

This is when you use the wrong type of chat depending on a situation, for example using advert instead of comms or using IC instead of looc.


Regiment Rules


Equipment Stealing:

This is when you steal / use a equipment that you don't own, enemy are exempt from the rule.


Breaking Cool Down:

This is when you leave a regiments before 24 hours of joining.


No Permission:

This is when you do something you are not allowed to do if you either got denied or didn't ask at all.


Force Abuse:

You can only use the force with permission, this includes only using the correct forces depending on what role you are playing as.


Lightsaber Abuse:

This is when your lightsaber is either larger or smaller than; 42 length and 2 width.


Avoiding Training:

This is when you run away from training for example a cadet runs to deck 3 instead of getting trained.


Breaking Jail Time:

This is when you put someone in jail for longer than 5 mins.


Breaking Cloak View:

This is when you "accidentally" walk into someone cloaked or shoot someone while cloaked. Only Jedi's, Sith's and ST can see invisible people.


Breaking Clearance:

This is when you enter an area that you are not permitted to enter without permission.


Weapon Conduct Rules


Breaking Equipment Permission

This is when you need permission to use equipment from the highest ranking in your regiments. Equipment that needs permission are; Cloak, Rocket boots, Drones, Explosives, Vehicles and Grappling hooks.


Breaking Equipment Use:

This is when you use equipment the wrong way, for example grappling other clones or cloaking randomly.


Equipment Sharing:

This is when you give equipment to someone who cannot use / have it, this will result in both partys receiving a punishment.


Random Discharges:

This is when you are randomly using your weapons without a valid reason.


Enemy Sharing:

This is when you pick up an enemy gun and use it without permission, you should not use it at all.


If you feel we are missing any rules or are some areas are not explained enough please contact one of our SWRP management team to resolve and fix whatever needed improvement.


                                         Hyplex Management Team.

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