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Guide For Beginners

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Guide For Beginners On DarkRP

Right so this guide is for beginners or new people that are joining the Hyplex DarkRP servers. Or maybe you have been here a long time but you aren't being productive with your time, so this guide is here to help. I know there is many guides that are available for the same sort of topic but I wanted to make my own so here it is. 


Getting Started

So you have literally just connected to the server and wondering what path to take. Well there are many different things you can be and there is a wide range of jobs but the path I recommend taking is Criminal. While being criminal you can earn money very fast and be productive with your time. So in this guide I will be mostly talking about Criminal ways to earn money.


Friends and Organisations

Before you even think about doing the things listed below I recommend making some friends or applying to join a good Organisation that you know has a good base. Before asking to base with someone try make friends with them so you have a better chance of them saying yes as there is no point wasting your time begging. Also try not to betray people once your in their base as this gets you a bad reputation for basing which could spread around the server. Anyway to get into an Organisation just apply for Organisations in the section that will be listed below. This makes your life a whole lot easier on Hyplex and way more productive.



Weed, Printers and Moonshine!

Weed is a great way to earn money but can get quite boring and repetitive after a while so make sure you don't spend like the whole day doing Weed as when you come on the next day you will find it so boring that you won't want to do it again even though it is a extremely good way to earn money. Weed is fairly simple to do anyway. I will list the steps below:
Step 1: Go to the alleyway down the side of bank and Speak to the Drug Dealer. Buy 1 Providers Tablet.

Step 2: Go to your base of you home and pull out your providers tablet.

Step 3: Buy 4 of the Multiple Pots and place them down and freeze them so they look like this (Credit to @Frazer for this setup):


Step 4: Buy a Raidal Lamp and a battery and place it down as shown in the picture above.

Step 5: Buy a shower which waters all your plants and once and align the Blue lines from the shower so there is 1 line going into each pot which is also shown in the picture. (You can turn Lamps and Showers on and off by pressing e on them)

Step 6: Buy Acid soil and place 1 bag in each of the Multiple Pots

Step 7: Buy O.G Kush in a bulk and place 3 in each Multiple Pots!

Step 8: Wait for the O.G Kush to fully grow then pickup your product by pressing e on the multiple pots then e on the bags.

Step 9: Go back to the Drug Dealer and sell your O.G Kush to him. 

Step 10: Repeat this process to earn money.


Printers is also a great way to earn money but isn't the best. There are many different Printers on the server but the best one's you can get are the one's that you can buy with your credits by doing !shop. I will list the steps to printing below:

Step 1: Go into your home/base

Step 2: Open the F4 Menu and go into the entities

Step 3: Spawn in your printers by buying them from the Entities section in F4 Menu

Step 4: Buy a cooler to prevent your printer from exploding/over heating. (Coolers ware off so you need to re buy them sometimes keep an eye out.)

Step 5: Collect money by pressing the withdraw button on the printer

Step 6: Keep an eye on both your cooler and your printer battery


Moonshine is once again an extremely great way to earn money but can be quite time consuming and there is a huge risk that if your not doing it with friends or in a extremely good base someone could raid and make you lose a ton of money. So I recommend starting off small. But anyway Moonshine has a lot of steps so I am going to link you to a step by step guide. Credit goes to @Harry for making the guide. Link is below:



Good Luck

I wish you all the best of luck and if this guide has helped you please leave a friendly rating. I know there might be way more detailed guides but I think I have made an alright guide. Thanks for reading and GOOD LUCK progressing. You never know maybe one day you will turn out to be rich and be staff and you can thank me for giving you a kick start with this guide! 😁


Yours Sincerely,

Master Sean


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On 14/12/2017 at 7:36 PM, Reidyyy {Toby said:

i agree 100% very useful for new players


On 14/12/2017 at 7:22 PM, Frazer said:

I like this. Looks very detailed.

Thanks both of you!

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Good job for making such a detailed guide. This will hopefully help a lot of players.


Such detail, much knowlage. 



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