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  1. Happly Birthday To Salty

    Happy birthday bruv ( @Mr.Salty) 🎂 Hope you enjoy your day Bruv .... I have had great and awesome roleplay experienced with you such as the new and old SWRP over the year or so we have knows each other, Your roleplay and Manager skills have always been on point Bruv and an example of this would be your PUBG Roleplay #BridgeTrollMoments (SCRUBS) 😈 Keep up the good work on the server it has been going well and going as strong as you could make it go 💪 Before I went on LOA Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday 🎂 and a great day Bruv, See you soon
  2. 3 False warns

    I was there during this situation and As Lionsden said come over the bridge 187th you some how had a need to lower the bridge, As im not sure that this is accidental or not it's still FailRP no matter. And I can probably explain George's Warn... So George was obviously told you Logged out during a Arrest and he probably didn't know the background of the situation and he gave you a warn, I agree that this warn that George gave you should be removed but do not blame George about that
  3. 3 False warns

    So I was Sim host and you ran in and started bumping into lightsabers and you died then you came back and ran into the lightsabers again to kill yourself, If that isn't FailRP then what is ? I just want to add If i could see this wasn't Intentional I wouldn't warn you
  4. LionsDen's Fleet App

    +Support +Great Guy +Respects all ranks +Knows the server +Well Known
  5. Calvin Ban Report

    Server: DarkRP Player name: Calvin Steam ID: # userid name uniqueid connected ping loss state # 3 "calvin" STEAM_0:0:170566700 59:56 439 0 active Ban request Reason: This man was Building on the street, pushing camera's into my base after. I told him to stop and that I know the Staff and that I am staff on Hyplex SWRP, then he said oh what can you do and started disrespecting me. He has 98:18:16 Hours and he should know the rules. Half_Life__Source_12_12.2017_-_10_02_29_30_DVR.mp4 Half_Life__Source_12_12.2017_-_10_03_21_33_DVR.mp4 Battlefield_1_12_12.2017_-_10_02_05_27_DVR.mp4
  6. My trial mod app

    -Support - very Rushed -Layout -Just enough words -Don't know you at all Wrong section ?
  7. 27_genders TEP

    +Support +Active +Great Roleplay +Will make a great staff member +Staff application look on point +Writes more than enough +He seems like he will do great from my in-game experiences Good luck man, Hope you make it
  8. TurteElliot's SWRP TEP Application

    +/- Neutral Haven't seen you around much and don't know you too well +You seem like you would be a good staff member + Great presentation Good luck mate
  9. Mic Using Rule To Come Back?

    Brief Description of the suggestion - I have seen many people without mics on the server and this is a Roleplay server right ? I have seen Fleet with no mics which names I will not bring out in this Suggestion, what I think is that we should bring back the Roleplay Rule of you need a mic to play on the server. Most Roleplay servers have this rule implemented and I think we should follow.
  10. I find it bad that not all people get the respect on a server just because of who they are and their rank
  11. ammo suggestion

    This we need, Hope this is Added +1 on this Idea
  12. Event Suggestion (LionsDen)

    This is a really good event Idea and I would enjoy it after the NPC spawner is fixed