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  1. Happy B-day

    Happy b-day @Mr.Salty, may you have many more years of the SWRP life bruv! On this day... 12/15/2017 @Mr.Salty is one year older. WOW, can you believe the manboy ages!? My post may not be as fancy as @Stano's post... But it was my IDEA! 😃 Just wanted to say Happy b-day before I go on LOA. <3 🎂
  2. SWRP

    Great to have you as a player on our server @27_Genders. It means a lot coming from a loyal player like you. <3
  3. 3 False warns

    So this is the warn I gave you. 187th was going to cross the lava over that bridge and you lowered it and I almost died. So we role played it out and stripped your weapons and comms because at that moment you were a threat as you almost killed a fellow trooper. You refused to put your weapons away after you were stripped so thats FailRP. And you were swearing at us in RP chat not stopping and we gave you a verbal warning for that before your official warn. I can support the fact that you get aggravated quickly with the following screenshots. And the other 2 warns? @Stano @George
  4. LionsDen's Fleet App

    Your Steam Name - LionsDen Your SteamID - STEAM_0:0:42191374 Your IG Name - 187th CO LionsDen Your current rank (IC) - 187th Commander What is your Timezone? GMT+02:00 Your RL date of birth - 24/09/2000 Why do you want to be Fleet? I want to become a member of the fleet because I've noticed that fleet gets to have the best role play experience. The server currently only has 2 fleet members and I would like to be an addition to the team. I like to have things organised during events and usually when no one takes charge it's chaos. I have never been a fleet member but I think I am capable of handling the position. As fleet I feel that I can add to my own role play experience as well as other players experiences. What would make you a better choice than others? I have loads of commanding experience and I like being around players. I believe I am a good role player and can add to the overall experience the players have. I always try to get every regiment a fair piece of the game, so when I am in command during an event each regiment will get a fair amount of action. What makes YOU stand out from the crowd? I have tons of commanding experience in a different regiments (CTP, 212th, 501st, 187th). I have a good standing with the people that play on SWRP. I know each regiments purpose and will ensure they get used accordingly. I believe I have the leadership abilities required for the position. I can think on my feet and during stressful situations. I believe I can make the best out of a bad situation. Do you have fleet experience? No official experience. Do you have any references from other fleet members or commanders? @Stano @Freezy @DeathWing
  5. TurteElliot's SWRP TEP Application

    +/-NEUTRAL -Every time I see you on, you're AFK. -Haven't seen much of your gameplay or capabilities as a leader. Even though you're applying for trail event planner, you still need leadership skills. But that's just my opinion. Goodluck!
  6. Defcons and battlestations

    -SUPPORT Defcons make things too complicated for my taste. But everyone has a say.
  7. Suggestions For SWRP

    +SUPPORT +Change CO models back. +ARC Shield thing (I've used it and it's not too OP). +More models. +Health bar. -NEGATIVE -The rest.
  8. +SUPPORT +Great at commanding +Very active BTW, add me as ref <3
  9. Update 1.0.2

    Smoke grenades = Vapes ?
  10. 74TH GUNS

    I have to agree with @Chaos, your job isn't to destroy droids, your job is to help wounded troopers.
  11. CTE Suggestions!!

    Drones are being added and turrets are already in <3
  12. 187th Airborne Corps

    What is the 187th Corps? The 187th Legion is a legion of clone troopers that serves under the command of High General Mace Windu. We are distinguished by the purple markings on our armor, signifying the color of Mace Windu's lightsaber. On Hyplex SWRP we are the paratroopers and use our parachutes to drop into enemy territory from the air. We use special tactics to maneuver the enemy and destroy them. Our regiment is a very unique regiment as no other regiment has a parachute or smoke grenades. What do we want in our troops? We want loyal troops who are willing to sacrifice their lives for those placed above them in the chain of command and follow orders even if it is at the cost of their lives. We want the best of the best as we like to do things quickly and deadly. Our troops must have the drive to progress themselves as well as all the other troops around them. We want a proud regiment that serves with honor and respect. How do you get in? Prepare yourself to walk among the best, practice your aim and ability to work with a team. The more information we have about you, the easier you'll get in since we like to know who we are working with and what your capabilities are. Who are the Commanders? 187th CO Stano What does our arsenal consist of? E-11D Blaster (Everyone) DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol (Everyone) Parachute (Everyone) Smoke Grenade (Everyone) 187th Edition DC-15A (2LT+) How fast do I rank up in the 187th Corps? Everything depends on your behavior and participation. More active members rank up faster. The better you do in training and events, the better your chances are of ranking up. Asking for promotions will delay your promotions. A little quote to show you what we're about: "If we're not surrounded, we're in the wrong place."
  13. Sniff's Staff Application

    +/-NEUTRAL -Do not meet the minimum word requirements in 3 of the sections +/- Friendly +Very active Goodluck man!
  14. SWRP Opinions?

    Hmmm, I do not have a solution for that unfortunately... Maybe contact @Mr.Salty or @Large.
  15. 187th Arsenal Adjustments

    Salty is Obi-Wan. CTE... Not much going on there