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  1. Hyplex 1.5.4

    NLR zones are gonna help so much honestly.
  2. The Farmer Job

    +1 I once played a server with this addon and it was super fun. It's gonna add more ways to make money and even legally.
  3. Making Signatures

    Damn! That's really good. Thanks ?
  4. Most Efficient Weed Tutorial(Start to finish)

    Pretty cool! Definitely gonna be using that method next time I get on. Thanks ?
  5. My Admin Application

    -Support - Just joined forums - Not much playtime. - Can be more detailed/more information. - Skipped a question. + Seems mature overall.
  6. Making Signatures

    Suh, if by any chance you can make me one saying "Agraphobia" with this font: http://www.1001fonts.com/vampire-calligraphy-font.html Any background. Thanks.
  7. Weed

    Solved and found out I was just being dumb. No need to reply ?
  8. Weed

    So I've been having problems with making my shower, lamps, and pots stand up. Is there any way to do it easily/ use commands maybe to make it stand? Thanks. Have a great day.
  9. You repeatedly talked about it in the "What makes you a better choice than others" question.
  10. +/- Neutral + Seen in game. - The application is funky and hard to read. - Four warnings. - Not much information. Also, I don't think donating to the server makes you a better choice than others. Good luck. Kind regards, Agra.
  11. Cheaper and more effective way to farm weed[UPDATED]

    Seems cool, I'll check it out. Thanks.
  12. Cheaper and more effective way to farm weed[UPDATED]

    How much do you sell it for?
  13. TurtleElliot's Staff Application

    You should've known you can't kill people randomly. this isn't a purge server. It's called "DarkRP"
  14. TurtleElliot's Staff Application

    It does. Also, as you mentioned in your app, You RDM'ed as soon as you joined the server. That means you came on not to play but to RDM.
  15. Microphone

    Honestly, I think for now I'm probably gonna get the Blue Yeti one. Thanks for helping me though.