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  1. Bye hyplex.

    Apparently you did not kno de wey.
  2. Regiments

    212th has Always been seen as a "heavy"regiment to me, that uses grenades, RPGs and drive tanks. CTE is well capable of bomb defusing and disposal.
  3. What's going on

    Already Said it on discord, Gratz bb ur gonna do just fine
  4. New Jobs are needed

    Been waiting for the cinema to be fixed so the cinema owner has use again, if it's not getting fixed I think cinema owner should be removed imo.
  5. Frezzy is the best

    Confused? @UberZ
  6. Hello!!!

    Not the only one, hehe
  7. Steven's Fleet Application

    Big -Support if this is true
  8. 3 False warns

    Server (DarkRP, SWRP): SWRP Your Steamid: STEAM_0:0:60233906 Your In Game Name: CTE CO UnDoged Warning admin: "ARC PFC GEORGE" "187th CO Lionsden" "Sim Host" Brief description of the event: Lets start with the first warn, which is "FailRP (Loged off to avoid arrest by CG)" I was AOS'd for shooting without reason when I was at the firing range in spawn, CG was then called to training room to arrest me. I ran because it was a false AOS, after a couple of minutes hiding in the bunks I said in OOC I was going off to Black Desert Online and if someone wanted to join me. People said Cya and I went offline just to be greeted with a false warn the day after. Now the second warn "FailRP, Disrespect" is also a false warn in my opinion, there was a planetary event on mustafar, there are 2 bridges that have lava under them which can be lowered and risen up by pressing a button and sometimes they also go down after a certain period of time. Now I was looking at the bridge and saw the bridge lowered when there was someone in the lava, so I quickly ran to the button I had to press and lifted the bridge up. After 10-15 Second every 187th came storming to me saying "WHY DID YOU TRY TO KILL THE COMMANDER" And they proceeded to strip my weapons and comms, I was really confused and asked what is going on and to tell them im not hostile, they apparently didn't care and asked again "WHY DID YOU TRY TO KILL THE COMMANDER" I answered with "I fucking saved him stop trying to get me punished for something I didn't even do you dipstick" I then got shot and received a warning for FailRP and Disrespect. Last but not least the third warning for "FailRP" there was a simulation in the citadel with lightsaber, I tried to line up and accidentally got stabbed by a lightsaber, without any reason I receive a warning for "FailRP" I tried to ask why but got no response. Why should your warning be removed?: Because they were all false warnings. Evidence (required): I can't really show any evidence but these pictures I added in with the thread.
  9. Field marshal??

    They would only step in if your regiment would have, for example 2 members and when you can't do tryouts yourself (due to inactivity, not being able to login, etc)
  10. Field marshal??

    Brief Description of the suggestion - New rank/job in fleet named "Field marshal" he/she would help out regiments that need more members. What is the purpose of this suggestions on our server - First of all, to add more RP. Second it would be great to have someone "fix" regiments that barely have any members or regiments that have problems in general. Link to the suggestion (If their is one) - / Any additional information - / (Just a suggestion don't get mad)
  11. Kuikentjes Fleet

    +Support No reasons not to give him fleet.
  12. CTE Suggestions!!

    Brief Description of the suggestion - Multiple suggestions, #1 Are drones #2 displacements, deployable and useable turrets. #3 Additional Weapons, If drones are added. What is the purpose of this suggestions on our server - To make CTE more useful than just scanning and repairing stuff. Link to the suggestion (If their is one) - Drones http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=669642096 Turret http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=213515639 Any additional information - Since the drone addon is pretty big, ill make some recommendation as to what would be useful to have for CTE. SOME OF THE DRONES COULD BE RANK LOCKED TO AVOID ABUSE!!! -Walker Drone (Basically a giant drone with minguns) -Supply Drone (Restocking Ammo for allies mid battle) -Scout Drone (For Scouting obviously also has a little pistol) -Nano Drone (For spying on the enemy) -Laser Drone (Damage purposes) -Firestorm (Damage, Basically a flying flamethrower maybe too OP??) -Combine Turret Drone (Turret for defense positions) -Ball Turret ( Also a turret for defending) -Ambulance Drone (For healing, could also be for 74th if they wanted a "specialist rank") REMEMBER THESE ARE RECOMMENDATIONS! as for the turret addon, there are multiple turrets, 3/4 involve explosives so might not be a good idea. now for suggestion #3 I think CTE should have a gravgun, crowbar and multiple drone tools (if they get added) just for the purpose of RPing more. Feel free to DM me on discord or steam for more information or if something is unclear, thanks for reading
  13. Trial Mod Application (TechnoProGaminG)

    Time travel?
  14. Robux giveaway

    buying it/group funds
  15. Robux giveaway

    No I'm serious.....