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  1. PandaPro_'s Staff aplication

    well completely ^^^ -support overall
  2. Dumb ramps

    i totally agree! holy shit the ramps are stupid, if your gonna have this atleast have a SMALL one
  3. LR9000™[IWTD] staff Application

    -1 Never seen you before, VERY rushed and no effort and ^^^
  4. squirrels staff application

    Neutral I have not seen you personally but it seems you have had experience and has put a decent amount of effort into his app
  5. UberZ - soahC

    I totally agree! UberZ is awesome and so are you SoahC
  6. Compliment to soahC | DaR

    holy shit!!! this guy is a legend, he helps people in need and will go out of his way to help and make the community be a better place! This guy was able to show me the ways of the game AND would let me base with him so I could earn some money and not be as broke as I was! in my opinion, he is a good role model for the upcoming staff team! @soahC | DaR
  7. Is this allowed?

    hmm I have used it in the past but it is the way you use it

    -1 rushed app and I dont ever see you in-game!
  9. Kyousuke's Staff Application

    Who are you??? -1 make yourself known buddy
  10. PawnShop Application

    -NEUTRAL- have not seen you a lot (i am Aussie so it is possible the time change) but since your application seems nice and has not been rushed I will up my response to a +1 hope to see you soon
  11. Ted's Moderator application

    -1 Very little effort and rushed ^^^^
  12. Cat's staff application

    -1 Rushed and not enough information
  13. Tylertheman312’s staff app

    -1 have not seen you on the server and not completed full application
  14. Staff Application

    -1 not enough effort needed
  15. So, The main reason I have brought this to your attention is I believe it NEEDS to be fixed! My question is Why is racism not allowed on the server but homophobic slurs are?? now PLEASE update the rules and show the STAFF team this question and make a change to the current rules (i have asked 6 or so admins/staff and have not got a good answer) The reason I suspect this is happening is ALOT of people say faggot to one another As this makes the server seem offensive, homophobic, and many more unpleasant things. and I hope elite sees this because I have been told he is the one who adds/removes rules and hope to see this new rule in place ( something I want to add I am not saying we should allow racism but I feel that homophobic slurs should be treated the same as racism and become a rule for the future) faggot ˈfaɡət/ noun 1. NORTH AMERICANinformaloffensive a male homosexual.