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  1. Recoiled's FPS Guide

    just mail me your computer and I will make gmod run at 1000 FPS
  2. what is this

    um if you close it there is no way to get in and people are not supposted to be able to get there so I blocked the button with one of my props \ Edit: You can also press a button thats opens the tunnel as in the big blacked out tunnel so there is a huge non hidden way to get in there
  3. what is this

    I told him first
  4. what is this

    I know but you will never know
  5. what is this

    ill pm you kuik cause I dont think that players should know as you can do something thats fucks with the map and you get to a unraidable place
  6. What the Staff Deal with....

    I dont remember you saying that? maybe it was when I got off, I was in the call for like 1 hour before I remembered to shut my comp off.
  7. How to fix errors

    Note: Staff members will not always help you with this stuff ingame if there are other reports they will be chosen over the report you make, like a RDM report would be chosen over a im seeing errors report so dont get made at staff if they dont help you with this when the server is chaos.
  8. Rules against one way props?

    Doc knows about it, I got on to test if it works and they were already showing doc it when I got to my friends base.
  9. Rules against one way props?

    there is still a way, not going to tell it on here though since drizzy doesnt want people to use it
  10. Jason's Staff Application

    +1 Seems nice, has been staff on hyplex before You can use me as a ref if you want btw
  11. Rules against one way props?

    not really...
  12. Staff APP DevlOghHB

    -1 Could put for effort? and if you ever wanna base hmu
  13. EMgaming's Staff App

    -1 No effort, Never seen ingame
  14. Turrets

    for me its what other people are saying lol, it would be so easy to MRDM
  15. Bitcoin Mines?

    I like it, Sounds fun and people might start using bitminers now lol