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  1. 27_genders TEP

    +/- Neutral I feel like you could be a very good event planner but in the recent days you have really come off as power hungry to me. When stuff doesnt go your way you seem to act like a 5 year old and I know that it seems like im being a dick but its true. You have mass disrespected me then as soon as I said no to a promotion even though all the other times when you asked which made me wanna promote you less I still promoted you on SWRP. I feel like I was good friends with you but something as little as a ingame rank seems to have ruined that. You have potential but I need to be honest here and its neutral. Good Luck.
  2. TurteElliot's SWRP TEP Application

    +1 Active Friendly Good Application
  3. Jason and Chaos

    Good Job Chaos and Jason and good job Sanity, This is very mature of you.
  4. About the upcoming update...

  5. CT CO Snows - 2nd Fleet applicaiton / After Launch

    +1 Active Great Commander Nice
  6. Hey! Joined the forums recently.

    Welcome my boi
  7. Loading screen unique messages

    they should change these up like every major update or just add them onto the old ones
  8. New Building Concept

    seems like a smart idea but not allowed.
  9. Kuikentjes Fleet

    +Support One of the best SWRP player ive ever seen, Why wouldnt you make him fleet?
  10. Suggestions For SWRP

    +support for a lit of this but the ARC stuff, ARC is already really good I feel like.
  11. Update 1.0.2

  12. SWRP Opinions?

    its p good
  13. Promotions 6/12/17

    Good job!
  14. Dhelep is bae

    I agree with this
  15. Mic Using Rule To Come Back?

    Cross doesnt have a mic and thats I think who he is talking about but he is the Admiral so... -SUPPORT