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  1. Bloodys Staff Application

    Thank you
  2. Bloodys Staff Application

    You know most of the reason the staff havent seen me is because i dont get in trouble a lot but ive seen most of the staff here its probably because of my various name changes. Ive seen rhyss, twix, pie, zarien, elite, and a lot of other players like Dyer, something like slayelites or something like that and then just the other day me and about 7 others were raiding bases.
  3. PawnShop Application

    -support Stand out section seems a little small, Its the typical kind of thing ive seen on other staff apps. The typical i help new players and help other players sort of thing havent seen you in game
  4. kurupT's Admin Application

    -Support never seen in game, bad application, too short, 5 second app
  5. fake reason ban

    Please make a ban appeal https://hyplex.co/forum/index.php?/forum/37-ban-appeals/
  6. Ban for Fake reason

    If you think you were wrongfully banned please make a ban appeal- https://hyplex.co/forum/index.php?/forum/37-ban-appeals/
  7. Bloodys Staff Application

    I'm not trying to nitpick or argue but just saying for anyone who may not know me I'm in the gold diggers gang I generally hang out bye the opium bases like Dyers base and a lot of the times I'll get groups of around 7 people together and go raiding
  8. Bloodys Staff Application

    Your Steam Name - BloodyMustache89(Lua Dev) Your SteamID - STEAM_0:1:126128799 Your IG Name - BloodyMustache89(Lua Dev) Your current rank - user Your requested rank - Trial moderator What is your Timezone? ( EST / GMT / CST ) Central Time Your RL date of birth - 12/17/02 Why do you want to be staff? - I have been staff on tons of other servers, Garnet, Icefuse, Kryptonite, Grizzly, Forsaken, Profuse, Superior Gaming, etc... I am readily equipped with a great attitude and behavior. I have experience with serverguard and other admin systems including most log systems. about me- Im a very nice and fun to be around person. I cant easily get through pressured situations quickly and im dedicated to helping the players when im staff on any server. I do not stop until the sit has been handled to the best of my ability. Im available a lot of the time and ready for the tasks that come to me. The main reasons i want staff is because i love making communitys better and make them have less rule breakers. I enjoy moderating and helping other players to the best of my ability. I like to overall help, ensure a better playerbase, make the community safer, make people happier and overall make the community a better place for experienced and new darkrp/gmod players. What would make you a better choice than others? what makes YOU stand out from the crowd? My atitude, Manners, Willingness to work, Wanting to achieve a solution to each of my sits, i get sits done fast but also right and solve the issues. Ive been on darkrp for a couple years now and have tons of experience so i believe im well ready and equipped for this position. A little bit more about my life- I am 14 years old and have been playing darkrp for probably 3 years now. I am a Motorcross Racer and entrepreneur. I make gmod addons for fun and help people with darkrp servers for free, like developing. I can handle just about any staff sit im brought in to. I was banned from Icefuse as a t- mod because my pc was being repaired and i couldnt get in contact with higher ups because they would not accept my steam requests. I always am in a good mood and have a good attitude. Im not too nice but im not mean, I will use my authority to solve the situations in a neutral tone and mood. I do not let people walk all over me i get the sit taken care of to the best of my ability. Any time a player needs help with say Fading Doors for example, I not only help them make their fading doors but i help them understand the rules for them and make sure that they are following them correctly. I have a lot of hours on harbor rp and im a great builder. Ive helped many people be amazing builders by giving tips, advice and free help. I can handle this position on the server and am ready to prove my worth not only to whoever will be moderating this application, but also to the Hyplex community. If Applicable, do you have any references from other staff members? ( PLEASE NOTE: THEY MUST ACCEPT / CONFIRM THAT THEY SAID IT WAS OK TO REFER TO THEM. Failure to do so.. may hurt your chances of acceptance ) none. I dont like to ask other staff to reference me like generally everyone else does. Do you have any other additional information for us? Please give me this opportunity to prove myself, after all Trial Mod is a rank for proving yourself worthy enough for moderator.
  9. I HAVE A QUESTION ( for owner elite and other staff members)

    But if people want to be racist you should let them be too then since we let people be gay. Do you see what im getting at here? Now im not racist or gay btw the ban i got for racism is false just in case you try to contradict me but back to the point. I dont have a problem with people being racist or gay. Should people be racist? No because we are all created equal but if thats someones beliefs and opinions let them have them but we should at least try to keep racist and gay/lesbian opinions out of the communication in game so there wouldnt be any big arguments.