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  1. Metropolis Mafia v2 Applications

    -Steam Name - Casual -In-game hours - -In-game rank - User/Moderator/lvl 11 -RP name - Casual -Why do you want to join the org - I want to join the organization because I want to be in an active organization that has good members in it and are helpful. I also love making new friends. -What can you bring to our org - Some things I can bring to the organization are I am a good raider and I am really good at building bases. -Additional information? - No, but feel free to ask me any questions. Casual#2435
  2. Cya

    You were gone a while ago weren’t you?
  3. Bye hyplex.

    Bye h4x0r
  4. Gummie staff Form

    +Support -0 Warns -Good Word Count -Active Neutral -Ok Playtime -Wouldn’t say everyone likes because even if it is true kinda looks unprofessional -Kind of looks rushed -rambling -Could use some color to make it easier to read and stand out from the others -Support -GRAMMAR!!! Grammar is very important, you need to work on this -Sloppy -Not active on forums
  5. What's going on

  6. I'm Back (Once Again)

    Welcome back man!
  7. Warn rule

    I really don't know either I've been hearing two different things too its kinda confusing
  8. Aqua

    It’s ok slaughter gang can’t be that hard 😛
  9. I'm back

    welcome back
  10. M3RKDART Staff App

    +Support -No Warnings Neutral -Could've named server with experience -Support -Application Seems kind of Rushed. - Don't Think I have ever seen you in game (IDK about other staff though) -Near bare minimum playtime -Could've added colors to application to make it easier to read Good Luck
  11. Warn Appeal

    The reason I warned you is because They were two different bases and the guy was building, so there was no good reason for you to kill him unless he started to shoot at you. Even if they are in the same org I don't think you should be able to KOS someone just because you are raiding one of their org members.
  12. New Jobs are needed

    I would like some more ways to make money.
  13. Mass RDMERS Banned (Proof)

    This is the wrong section this belongs in ban request section.
  14. Rules Update Suggestion

    Some of these suggestions are pretty good and would be useful if added.