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  1. Richer's Mod appeal

    i know but 11 yrs old kids are pissing me off need someone to delete those posts
  2. Richer's Mod appeal

    1. learn english 2. no one rdm besides you 3.everyone just made money in peace and you just came and interrupt and false warrant as a cop just to raid cuz you suck at raiding with a lockpick
  3. Richer's Mod appeal

    the timed i joined the forums not the server itself
  4. Richer's Mod appeal

    i am trying to help people to get known get their trust but everyone thinks i'll raid them or mug them and start bitching out
  5. Richer's Mod appeal

    i know lol but i played even before lol most of you guys didn't know me before i just met 50% of the server 2-3 days ago and i was like if i am active most of the day i'll go to the forums aswell ...
  6. Richer's Mod appeal

    what's ur name in game that you don't see me in game a lot?
  7. Richer's Mod appeal

    i've played on 3.0 and on the server 1.0 with the csgo unboxing thing don't comment stuff you don't know and i joined before 10/10/2017 the fact you saw me only in that day changes nothing
  8. Richer's Mod appeal

    Your Steam Name - Richer Your SteamID - STEAM_0:0:151230579 Your IG Name - Richer Your current rank - Member Your requested rank - Trial mod / mod (i always thought you become mod after a while being trial mod :P) What is your Timezone? GMT Jerusalem Time Your RL date of birth - 11/8/2001 Why do you want to be staff? - i've played for over 1.5 years in this community i know the server very well everytime i walk in the map i am seeing all those rule breaking sometimes when i report the admins takes time to react and 'till they come the person stops what he is doing or just disconnecting, i know how to deal with reports (from what i've seen) i am friendly i know when to get serious when needed and i know when to joke over stupid things i have 0 tolerance for rule breaking especially for RACISM i am online most of the day so even when there's 10 people online i'll be on lately i dont usually base to make money i am just running around in the map and seeing stuff i've seen so much rule breaking moments that i wanted to report but people already did i am mature knows how to interact with inmature players how to calm situations down i am everywhere and coming from no where . What would make you a better choice than others? what makes YOU stand out from the crowd? - i think different from all the others, everyone has their own statement so what i do is gathering those statement to a one big statement that everyone would like to agree with it and if not i'll try 'till i success to change their mind If Applicable, do you have any references from other staff members? None. ): Do you have any other additional information for us? i am online most of the time if its helping
  9. Printers / Models

    TF2 models with skins can change the community Why not?
  10. As a JEW who is feeling racism everyday every server i wen't in gmod i felt at least 10 times offended by other people who are german polish ETC homosexuals slurs is a way of life if people want to be gay let them be but when it comes to racism 0 tolerance i could banned at least 5 people in this server for racism by reporting them but i am used to this but if someone is taking it to another level i have 0 tolerance for this i'll stop RPING and try to get an admin as fast as i can to stop his madness
  11. Printers / Models

    i hope but we can make this happen the whole community can make an agreement for this
  12. Printers / Models

    i don't have workshop link it's just a suggestion i thought off while my printers got overheated when i went to pee about the models it's just random as hell idk
  13. Richer Introduction

    Hello Bud. Sure i would Stone Ty.. Hi Bruv I hope so.
  14. MrPig27's Staff Application

    -3 Support / +2 Support -Not well detailed APP -Inmature and screams a lot for no reason -he can lose is sanity in seconds Not ready for this m8 sorry ): +Friendly +Can get Mature if he will learn a bit and wil calm down take your time bud and grow up you'll be a good mod
  15. n0cturnal's Staff Application

    +SUPPORT Really good player Friendly Played with him ONCE he was chill and didn't yell into his microphone like 10 yrs old knows how to RP will FIT in perfectly if will keep sanity in sits and RP