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  1. Shouldn’t of banned hi. 

  2. New map ideas?

    You keep going back to that but no one cares lmao
  3. New map ideas?

    yeah it would just take longer, get in the car check the house find nothing get in the car repeat
  4. New map ideas?

    you burn my brain lmao
  5. New map ideas?

    smart because 90% of them aren't owned most of the time, if you check those you're just lowkey sad :vvvv
  6. Ask Ouija

    The Christmas 2019 update will include ____
  7. Opium Is Broken

    @jackk you should just remove this job my boi Unless you guys plan to just keep it for the fun
  8. Opium Is Broken

    Im sorry, did you just hint at hyplex DRP having an act of development?! ! Outragous behavior.
  9. New theme?

    Jokes on you beacuse theres no rules against it you gorm
  10. Tunnel Snakes rule

  11. Opium Is Broken

    just remove it in like summer 2019
  12. New theme?

    shut up f a gg
  13. Ask Ouija

    Lets get a appluause for Mr. Sherlock, you're the 1,471,489th person to say that! kill me or move it to shitposts like a forum admin does >:C
  14. Ask Ouija

    jackk cryption jason large salty simple not drizzle though drizzle is sexy
  15. Ask Ouija

    gay used to be good back in 2.0 lets just leave it at the ___ community out there lmao