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  1. Awoozee's DarkRP Trial Moderator Application

    Denied You do not meet the requirements, the 3 out of the 5 posts you have are in this thread alone. You may reapply in two weeks. I advise becoming a bit more active in-game and on the forums.
  2. SWRP 2.0 Map Teasers

    It'll be worth it - I'm not going to say anything else on it yet, but just trust what I say
  3. Staff responses

    ouch, no holding back there
  4. SWRP 2.0 Map Teasers

    I don't see how - it was custom made by Slothy lmao.
  5. Application Updates

    Hi, I've had a discussion with Large about this and we both have mixed opinions so we've decided to make it into a poll. Would you like to see the applications for Trial Event Planner & Trial Moderator separated so that more detail can be put into both, allowing more questions to show us what you're really capable of? In the Trial Event Planner application you'd be asked to provide an event plan, therefore we can easily know if you copy someone else whereas if you were to make an event up after being accepted for your trial you could easily copy someone else's good event that's happened way in the past. This would also separate the ones prepared to put more effort and work into obtaining the role; meaning more high quality & frequent events are likely to happen. If they were to stay together - you guys and ourselves wouldn't have any sort of clue whether as to not they're qualified enough to be able to take such a position in the first place. Let us know what you think by commenting & answering the poll Regards, Cryption.
  6. SWRP 2.0 Map Teasers

    Hi, We're lucky enough to have had a custom map made by Slothy - and I feel now is a good time to show it off to you. Deck 1 - Spawn Room - Debrief - Debrief - Brig - Bunks - Bunks - Cargo Bay - Armory Deck 2 - Outside Engine Room - Simulation Room - Engine Room - Engine Room - Deck 2 Lobby - Hangar Bay - Hangar Bay - Hangar Bay - Hangar Bay - Main Hangar Bay - Main Hangar Bay - Main Hangar Bay The images labelled "Hangar Bay" are both side hangar bays Deck 3 - Control Room - Control Room [Overlooking Hangar Bay] - Side Rooms [In the corridor] - ATC Bridge - ATC Bridge - Deck 3 Overview [Overlooking Simulation Room & Engine Room] - Naval Wing Whole Map - Overview of the entire map Jedi Temple - Landing Zone - Sparring Room - Level 2 Corridor - Council Room - Graduation Room - Library With that being said - it isn't long now until we are ready to release SWRP 2.0 Regards Cryption.
  7. What do you guys like the most on Hyplex ?

    no u Also; not sure why this is in shitposts - moved to Debating (makes more sense to be there) StarwarsRP is probably my favourite aspect of Hyplex - obviously, you guys don't know why just yet, but you'll see soon enough. We're getting very close to the release of Hyplex SWRP 2.0 - so expect some teasers for that soon as well
  8. pubg wtf moment

    Just as I thought PUBG might be getting better, I get greeted with this;
  9. Rugglez Incredibly Late Introduction

    *nasty HR man slides into introduction* welcome to your forums boi
  10. Share your steam library

    yes I know hammer.exe is under Games I Play lmao
  11. Plans for Hyplex

    Don't worry - it's gonna be lit
  12. Plans for Hyplex

    Hi, I'm Cryption - some of you may or may not already know me from Crident. I've been with Hyplex for about 7-8 months now. I was recently approached by Drizzy to come into the Management team here at Hyplex to work alongside Dillon and help him out. My main focus as of right now is to work with Dillon to improve the staff team as much as possible on the DarkRP server so that we can get this update pushed out & to generally give him a helping hand. I'll also be helping Rugglez around on the forum whenever needed & ensuring suggestions are being read & put into place if we believe it will benefit Hyplex. As the StarwarsRP update gradually gets more and more ready I'll shift my focus over toward StarwarsRP as this is one, something I'm more interested in, and I believe it could do with more help then DarkRP - previously you would have known that the Community Managers / Global Managers just focussed on DarkRP, and that's where StarwarsRP was left out. I'll then be working alongside Large & Salty to ensure we can bring you the best experience as we physically can. During this time I'll also be gradually getting more in-depth with Lua to be able to help Slothy push out more and more updates for the StarwarsRP server to ensure that it's constantly getting better and better rather than staying the same for months on end and becoming repetitive. As Drizzy also mentioned I'll be keeping him up to date with what's going on as I have direct communication with him due to us working closely together @ Crident. Dillon - Large - Jason - Regards, Cryption
  13. What is a Birb, Snek and other animals

    NOOOOOOO YOU BEAT ME TO IT Lemme just drop this here tho;
  14. Stitch

    This is always something good to hear This will be noted @Infusion Thank you for taking the time to notify us.
  15. What kind of mic should I buy

    tbf that's debatable, only in your case is a £10 headset good cause you break yours on a daily basis