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  1. Huge ass list of suggestions for SWRP

    Elite needs a powerful job to get good, action filled content, if he didn’t have slightly op weapons then he wouldn’t be able to get good action filled content out. This is irrelevant, we don’t need specific models for staff as staff are supposed to be cloaked all the time, unless in sits. We have this This really doesn’t help because if we had a medic ASSIGNED to a regiment the other regiments might not have one and will die. Large actually paid for our HUD I believe so I don’t think this will even happen.
  2. Staff compliment reidyy

  3. Down for Maintenance.

  4. What's going on

  5. Staff Complaint - Reidyy

    Note: Don’t rate dumb on someone’s post just because they have reported you.
  6. CT Commander Snow's / Fleet Application

    Note: My verdict will not come until the server is revived.
  7. Note: Please do not argue your cases on this topic, please use DMs (This topic is labelled hot so stop)
  8. Jedi Temple Guard Job

    It won't be a good job because we don't have a temple and most of the time there would be nothing to do.
  9. Steven's Fleet Application

    Denied I believe you aren't the right person for the job. If you want information on this contact me on steam or discord.
  10. LionsDen's Fleet App

    Accepted Welcome to fleet! Contact me in game and I will give you fleet in the closest/ next debrief.
  11. Kuikentjes Fleet

    Accepted Welcome to fleet! Contact me in game and I will give you fleet in the closest/ next debrief.
  12. Denied You are a good commander but in my opinion and the opinion of some other people/management staff, you can be quite a power-hungry person. If you would like any more information contacts me on steam or discord!
  13. LionsDen's Fleet App

    Note: He has, in fact, hit the word targets, Why do you want to be fleet is a minimum of 75 words and he got 95 and what makes you a better choice is 50 and he got 61.
  14. 27_genders TEP

    You cannot have a previous (valid) bans on your record.
  15. Sniff's Staff Application

    Don't say this, thanks!