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  1. SWRP 2.0 Map Teasers

  2. What do you guys like the most on Hyplex ?

    I like the family like friendship between most players.
  3. Plans for Hyplex

    YAY Someone who actually know SWRP is a thing!
  4. Stitch

    @Stitch You are always on when I join, maybe it's just a coincidence but it seems you always try your best to get on EVERY day and do reports while having fun at the same time, I'm giving you this compliment because of your loyalty and determination to get on every day. Thank You.
  5. Metropolis Mafia v2 Applications

    -Steam name: Infusion -In-game hours: 230 -In-game rank: Mod -Why do you want to join Metropolis Mafia?: I would like to join metropolis mafia because I want to be able to extend my rp by working with people in situations and sharing my skills with others. I was part of Metropolis Mafia V1 and was a renowned member of that gang, I wish to become more of an advanced fighter defender and base builder in my time with the Metropolis Mafia. -Why should we choose you over other applicants?: I am a rounded person meaning I have lots of skills and abilities such as, building, raiding and defending other applicants may not have all three of these abilities and I think by sharing these with the mafia I can make us better. -What can you bring to our org? I can bring a good defender of our base while the other members are making money when we go out on raids I will throw my life to the line to make the raid successful and to get the most money out of if. -Additional information? N/A
  6. Eye opener

    Also hopefully we can have a community manager that can split their time between DRP and SWRP, no offense but swrp wasn’t given support by community management.
  7. Eye opener

    I am very pleased that the fact of staff morale has been highlighted and it is something that affects most staff including me, hopefully the new management can give us a motive to stay here.
  8. 1000 (£10) Credit Giveaway

  9. Bobby Rossy Application

    You will be told how long to wait in the denied verdict IF you get one
  10. Reidyy bad news

    I can relate to you, I was bored of gmod once so I resigned and came back stronger than ever, good luck man
  11. Why Lock MHM?

    You made your topic out to be a ban appeal cause you put your steam ID in the topic and asked to be unbanned so yeah.
  12. Vote For Your Ga!

  13. Vote For Your Ga!

    If freezy wins I will resign from fleet