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  1. Make the nlr bubbles actually warn you

    Could be like some servers I've been on where you can't shoot in spawn, but those servers also have only one spawn un-like Hyplex...
  2. Open meeting

    Yeah only in a perfect world....
  3. Open meeting

    Also I meant like a separate voice chat called "public meeting" so you guys know not to say things like that in there.... like really
  4. Open meeting

    Hence why "sensitive" matters wont be discussed in here, its for things like saying new rules coming out or for players to ask about stuff like "how do I do this" and "how do I do that"
  5. Open meeting

    As everyone know every Sunday there is a Hyplex staff meeting for them to inform all the staff about changes in the server and sensitive staff things. But I believe we should have and "open" meeting or a "community" meeting for anyone who wants to attend. In this meeting Hyplex staff can "announce" new stuff changing in the server like when the new map came out it happened like a surprise. But also in the meeting toward the end anyone can ask staff questions etc.. So the point of this meeting would be to inform us the players of new and up-coming things in the server! Credits to @UnDoged for not letting "my memes be dreams"
  6. Day Light

    @Sebq -=Accepted=- Contact an Org. Admin for an invite
  7. Day Light

    =Accepted= Contact an Org. Admin for an invite
  8. UberZ's Signatures

    I thought the max was 900x150
  9. Event suggestion

    Ahh okay
  10. Event suggestion

    https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/3225/event-addon Maybe this??
  11. UberZ's Signatures

    @Fira DONE
  12. UberZ's Signatures

    Its too big.... Not too hard to fix I'll make it work in a few minutes (sorry Uber)
  13. Day Light

    Accepted - ask Asap, me or rhyss for ingame invite!
  14. Screencap

    +1 Do I need to say anything??
  15. Wassss uppp