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  1. Staff APP DevlOghHB

    -1 no effort
  2. Jason's Staff Application

    -Support -literally joined 18 hours ago
  3. kurupT's Admin Application

    Request \denied -1 bad application
  4. Richer's Mod appeal

    -1 bad application
  5. MrPig27's Staff Application

    -1 Not a very good application +seen in game though
  6. Wazupkings Application

    EDIT New reference Zairen
  7. Hello hyplex community

    I never really said a formal introduction. So hello my ingame name is wazupkings. If you are new and have any questions about how to do stuff on forums/server you can ask me anything. I am pretty good with helping people. So i hope i will see you ingame and thank you for welcoming in to your community!
  8. Application for Mod/ Staff member

    neutral Is pretty nice(let me base) not a lot of effort on app
  9. Staff Application

    -1 Didn't do full application
  10. Wazupkings Application

    I was in a hurry so I just snapped a picture with my phone then croped it and posted it
  11. ThoughtlessAnimation's Staff Application

    neutral Never seen ingame Average application
  12. Wazupkings Application

    Thank you Sorry about bothering you a little bit ingame, but im not horrible😂 and I dont throw props everywhere.
  13. Wazupkings Application

    I think I seen you ingame I just never went up to you I am on forums at least a few times a day
  14. Wazupkings Application

    Thank you And I did mention him once he pretty cool though, but i didn't know about him until after I asked someone on the server about him