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  1. I need a 'unraidible' Mega base

    nvm rules changed and now its not allowed anymore
  2. I need a 'unraidible' Mega base

    I have a base its OP af but simple af too
  3. I need a 'unraidible' Mega base

    Easy lol
  4. hi

    Great ediring skills
  5. Roasting

    Lmao everything you guys said aint roasts just saying you gay if that is a roast i roast people 24/7
  6. Getting to know players

    95% of the things i say are meant as jokes (this might be a joke ) i was comm banned for being toxic while i was cixot
  7. 3 Years :/

    Exactly lmao i was thinking the same
  8. Have a break have a kitkat

    I know and i will come back with beter memes
  9. Have a break have a kitkat

    I tried but first day i already broke my shoulder half... someone went with 50km/h on a slee and hit my shoulder/helmet
  10. Ay, so after some thinking i decided to take a break from hyplex. Reaskns for this is my pc is aids. But the main reason is just my relationship with some people. Heat between me and others are getting a bit high so i think its best if i go away for a bit. Let everything pass by and come back all fresh just wanna say thnx to @Chaos for always helping me out when i need him. I luv you chaos <3 goodbye and see you soon all (probably will be back when buy my laptop and if everything is over than) cya @Mr.Salty you cool to <3 @Xaden | Zairen you cool too but less than salty & chaos
  11. Lil Life's Forum Admin Application

    Shit sorry lmao but all those names with fr its hard :0

    Lmao you really asking for likes......
  13. Muted......

    Thank you
  14. Lil Life's Forum Admin Application

    I have to agree with frazer here... i havent really seen you and havent seen you help at all -support goodluck tho
  15. Muted......

    Well i dont know who muted me yesterday...... and i dont even know why but it would be chill to get unmuted....