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  1. what is this

    the first person to tell me what this thing does/opens gets 500k
  2. event

    Haha and chaos i just did it since im cool
  3. event

    so me and cash tag hosted some events today i feel like people had fun so i think it was a good event hope people that join dit liked it it cost me some money but yeah
  4. Jason's Staff Application

    Lol he has been staff on hyplex 3??
  5. i want him demoted

    Fuck off please you aint special. Come back with a real reason
  6. Turrets

    No no no no no no no no
  7. [Hyplex] Stone's Application

    Im locking this app till the two weeks waiting are over
  8. Richer's Mod appeal

  9. Sage

    /locked till we accept people again
  10. Richer's Mod appeal

    Stop argueing this is a fucking staff app
  11. Nunu Staff Complaint

    If you arent involved in this dont post otherwise will you get warned
  12. ThoughtlessAnimation's Staff Application

  13. Spartacus Unwarn Appeal

    Your warn is not getting removed /denied & /locked
  14. Spartacus Unwarn Appeal

    I dont see really see a reason why your warn should get removed?