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  1. TurteElliot's SWRP TEP Application

    + support friendly active knows rules good app
  2. My trial mod app

    Wrong section?
  3. Event Ideas

    There is an event siggestion section.... people can go there with events you can look there
  4. Staff Rules + Warn/Kick/Ban Time lines Suggestion

    we already have this locked
  5. Staff Rules + Warn/Kick/Ban Time lines Suggestion

    Wtho the fuck are you...
  6. 212th LCPL Giga

    K expect better from you you know where to pos your complaints requests and that you need toe format /locked
  7. Kuikentjes Fleet

    I did in game but you ignored me
  8. Suggestions For SWRP

    Agree on all
  9. Kuikentjes Fleet

    Your Steam Name - Kuikentje NL Your SteamID - Your IG Name - CT PVT 2001 Havoc Your current rank (IC) - Private What is your Timezone? GMT +1 Your RL date of birth - 26/03/2001 Why do you want to be Fleet? I love SWRP and love to see a good server. A good server needs good fleet tho and i think i can help with that. I love rp and fleet is just the best way to RP. I want to be able to lead trooper to victory by telling the right things. There are already some fleet but i feel like there should be more so that is why i want to be fleet. I want every trooper to act under command of fleet so nothing goes wrong and the server won't be chaos. What would make you a better choice than others? I am known and trusted in this community. I am a great RP if I become fleet i won't leave my rp role at all. I know what to do during special events and know how to help the troopers. I have experience as commander before. I am not a troll i never got warned on swap and never won't i will always listen to higher up and follow what they says. what makes YOU stand out from the crowd? (Minimum 50 Words) I am Trusted and known in this community. I am an active member and use my mic a lot. I will rp hardcore and make the right decisions at the right moment. I will follow orders from a higher rank as i said before and i will do what troopers that are involved suggest so i can command the best way possible. I have experience as Commander so that is good. I don't have really more to say Do you have fleet experience? No, but I have Commander experience don't know if that is ole too. If Applicable, do you have any references from other fleet members or commanders? zairen, chaos (i will add more later just out of ideas atm )
  10. Update 1.0.2

    D O P E
  11. Sniff's Staff Application

    +support (event planner is better than trial mod)
  12. CTE Suggestions!!

    Yes but turrets are not in use by cte really atm but i will use them more in events
  13. tasers

    Alteady suggestion /locked
  14. Kain's App

    Lmao let him have a joke jesus you giys take shit way to serious...... you dont even know him.... +support mature active no warns so he has a small gif at the end?? Its for the fun so yeah
  15. CTE CO Makkie

    Sound is low af? If that is normal you could tell him he had to change mic volume cause you couldnt hear him