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  1. About the upcoming update...

  2. Karambit knife for level 25

    Level 80 for an M3S90 is a bit overkill as it would take ages. But +Support on the Karambit at level 25 ?
  3. Super compact base.

    Y u tagging chaos ?
  4. Super compact base.

    Nah, no rules against trap bases. ?
  5. Super compact base.

    Lol sure. I can't stop you
  6. Super compact base.

    Ofcourse! You're welcome to use it bby ❤️ I don't own the concept If needed, I can send you this dupe.
  7. Super compact base.

    Sure, I could make it look prettier, but what do you want? An unraidable base, or a flower?
  8. Super compact base.

    Why would you want more than 1 path into your base for the raiders? Lol. It's more efficient to defend just 1 path. It also traps them when they get in, kindof.
  9. Super compact base.

    Amount of props: 39 - Even a player without Extra props 1 & 2 can use this + put down a printer rack. Blowtorch Proof: Yes - Quadruple stacked walls. For Sale: If the price is right, maybe. Build time: 30~ minutes Since you all made fun of my "box" base, here's a new base I just made that is probably the most defensive+offensive base ever. It also has 2 emergency exits which is lockpick proof. Once players go in, they need to lockpick to get out. Here's a little demo on the base. @Chaos @Twix @狗 (Pie)
  10. Farewell.

    Seeing all these posts makes me realize I actually meant something to some people. I tought I was just another random person on the server. I guess I've grown on people, and vice versa. Some of you are like a family to me. All of this is making me want to go back so much that I might actually come back sooner than I expected. I was planning on staying away for atleast a few months, but I may be back this week. I'll just have to think about it for a bit. It ain't easy to leave friends behind.
  11. Farewell.

    I think I added you, but not sure. I'll try and be on forums every once in a while <3
  12. Farewell.

    Already left sage discord when I made this post. I may be back on Hyplex some day as I wrote "unknown period of time". Maybe, just maybe I'll be back after things have settled down.
  13. Farewell.

    Hyplex has been a great place to be most of my 260 hours on there, plus the time back in 3.0. But unfortunately, I'm going to leave Hyplex for an unknown period of time due to all the stuff that's happened aswell as my friends who are leaving the server. Special thanks to Chaos, Twix, HocusPocus, Rancor, Kuik, DocBerry, Quicksilver, UnDoged, SoahC, Makkie, Fueh Ming, ndbassman and many more for making my time on Hyplex so great. R.I.P. all the fallen ones from today ❤️ I wish the rest of you best of luck! ~Spartacus