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  1. About the upcoming update...

  2. M9K!!!!!!

    Cause DarkRP is all about that realism
  3. Spartacus Unwarn Appeal

    Server (DarkRP, SWRP): DarkRP Your Steamid: STEAM_0:1:19702590 Your In Game Name: Spartacus Warning admin: Fueh Ming Brief description of the event: I accidentaly RDM'ed a user named "Bulet" Why should your warning be removed?: I feel like this warn was completely unneccesary and rushed. And I'd like a proper view on it as it was prematurely denied in the past. I believe that @Fueh Ming and @Bulet should be able to state their opinions before a staff member closes the warn appeal. I don't think anyone really understood that this was purely accidental. I know I shot twice, but I had to confirm what happened. Bulet believed me to "hate" him, even though I never hate anyone. I have nothing against him at all. I even asked him if he lost anything, but got no response. I was attempting to shoot the grappling hook twice but the bullet ricochet upwards and killed "Bulet". Evidence (required): I'd appreciate it if this doesn't get prematurely closed (again). Please let Fueh Ming and Bulet have the possibility to speak.
  4. Suggestion for removal/rebalancing of the M14

    Wat? Meh, they cost 23k for a shipment I believe. That's like pocket change. Unless you're like me and have Perma Mac11
  5. Suggestion for removal/rebalancing of the M14

    If you think that gun is good, check out the Mac11, it's invisible, has an extremely high rate of fire and does quite a bit of damage. Not as much as m14 but you can pull it out and blast someone in the face with 150 hp and 100 armor and they'll die in like a second. Combine this with a silencer and you can be the deadliest asassin on the server.
  6. Hyplex's 1st Event! (was meant to post this a while back)

    I just recently built a few sick ones that you might want to have a look at. I'll show you it some time.
  7. Yellow Wearhouse

  8. Free Base ~ Exposers

    I don't see a "base" just an entrance
  9. Will be selling bases soon

    Everything you ever build in GMod is gonna be a copy. GMod has been around for years and the chance of you building something completely original is like a 0.01% chance. We're all copying someone.
  10. Itz OG Shankz Staff Application

    -Support Very low amount of hours. Never seen you in-game. Lying about your referals is a huge minus. Low amount of effort put into application/Rushed. Examples below. ^ Only 76 words, just hit the minimum. ^ 117 words, could have done a bit better there. ^ You did not even explain what RDM, NLR and RDA is. Just what their abbreviations mean. ^ You don't even know how many warnings you have? Type !warns in-game to see them. ^ Same goes for playtime, you can type !playtime "your name" to see how long you've played.
  11. Ban Appeal

    Not with the rule stated above. And even Drizzy said it in the meeting so. But they're gonna change that rule soon.
  12. Ban Appeal

    This is false. He can not kill you unless you choose to roleplay along. Drizzy said this in the last meeting. It's also stated in the new rules:
  13. Spartacus staff complaint

    Both the "being gay" and "anime" Because laws have to be realistic. This is not realistic, this is just some dumb laws.
  14. My Staff Application

    -Support Never seen you in-game. Low amount of hours. ^ Could have put a bit more effort into this (Only 78 words). Good luck though!
  15. A small guide on providing proof.

    I don't have much experience with other software, but I hear alot of people within GMod use Plays.tv to record. Might wanna check that out ?❤️