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  1. Byee

    Again a newbie that disgusts me. I could care less if i would get demoted, beceause i was planning to resign long time. Why would i waste my time on a dead server with broken updates. Speaking about updates, we were promised an update so long ago and it never happened. So good luck to you newbies on this community, youll learn allot in the futur.
  2. Byee

    Im not trying to say that everyone is like that,only a few. I have big respect for you chaos and some others staff, but there are others that disgust me and that leaded me to innactivity and resignation..
  3. Byee

    So being an old staff member its hard for me to enjoy and focus when almost all the players you had fun with left. Personally i dont dont like the current staff, its not like it used to be, before we had fun and now they try to stab you in the back. With this being said im resigning and leaving this community forever. Big thanks for every old staff that has made my stay in this community fun. (Nunu/scarface/nova) OUT!
  4. kermit broke a rule

    I banned guy named "kermit" yesterday for being racist
  5. kermit broke a rule

    Kermit was banned by me for racism

    This killed me lmao ?
  7. banned for "hacking" by lucky

    I really dont know how they have to find more proof? Lets say you were @LuckyModzz how are you gonne gather more proof, they cant spectate they cant screencap.. A human being with normal brains will realise that there is something wrong when a user looks at you and follows you when you are invisible.. Yall ask for more proof than give us something like screencap so we can provide MORE PROOF!
  8. Transit system

    It could be usefull in big maps such as rockford. Go/karts being added i dont think this is gonne happen.
  9. Tunnel dupe (:

  10. New Building Concept

    Gmod is an old game, the chance that you find out something is small
  11. New Building Concept

    Bruh, this was used as base defence back in hyplex3 by most of the player..
  12. Dhelep is bae

    such an loser
  13. Dhelep is bae

    @Dhelep Is a mega loser, also he got rekt in a dissbattle
  14. M9K!!!!!!

    I literally hate the fas2 most of the guns are broken, and also its so slow when you switch between guns.. I personally have to reload one gun so many times in order for it to shoot. I know m9k is old but its really fun to use and so easy +SUPPORT if you agree that we should change to m9k
  15. I actually disagree on this, why cant we have an OP gun there is no fun when every gun is the same. It comes in handy when you are raiding an OP base, or when you get attacked by a group..