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  1. How to: Raid proofing your base.

    Idk why someone would get mad if someone steals ur design, its a fucking old game how much of an child could you be
  2. Nunu Staff Complaint

    Ok this is what happened. The guy reported you for rdm before you did so i took his report first and when he claimed that you guys were rdming out of ur base withoud warning what so ever. I told the guy that i was gonne spectate him and asked him to go to ur base and right when he did you rdmed him withoud any valid reason and withoud any warnings.. So i bring you and the victim into a sit and explain to you what you were doing wrong and warn you for rdm, after the warn you continued being disrespectful and toxic towards me and him even when i told you to calm down multiple times. After you didnt stop i banned you for 5 hours to cool of. There were 54 out of 64 players online and every 2 minutes there was a report and i was the only one who was taking the reports, its not fun for me or for every other staff to get yelled at when they are dealing with this pressure.
  3. Staff Application

    -support got warned 2 times by me for rdm
  4. banned for raceism

    I know where you are comming from, no one told me how long the ban should be about racism so ive followed what everyone else did. There is a horrible story behind the N word thats why i banned him perma.. You guys have my permission to shorten the ban if you want to do so.
  5. banned for raceism

    There is a story behind the "n" word it doesnt have to be directed towards someone, if what you telling is true than everyone can have n words in theyre signs aslong as its not directed towards someone.. correct me if im wrong
  6. banned for raceism

    I was told racism is perma, ive seen staff ban people for n word perma. It doesnt matter in which way you use it its still n word
  7. banned for raceism

    1. your sign didnt say "building"
  8. A wild Twix appears.

    LOl i literally watched that video yesterday and i didnt realise 😂
  9. Jason White's - Staff Application

    Huge - support biggest rulebreaker, back in hyplex 3 i had to give you more than 4 warnings each day still you didnt learn what rdm was..
  10. Loading music has got to change..

    I only listen oldschool music, and this one is my fav atm..
  11. ok listen up fuckers

    Ikr! Since ive put that design of mine on the forums i see a lot of people copy it, and when i ask why, they claim that its theyre idea :´(

    Ill let you know on the forums when its complete, i didnt had time to work on it due to some projects that i had to finish for my work..

    Me too, but this is more like a testbase to see how its gonne look like, since i got pisitive feedback imma build a bigger and better one &thanks for the feedback <3

    Thanks guys! The inside is empy there is nothing inside, im thinking how im gonna design the inside

    Hi guys! So far ive basically seen almost everyone use the same base deisgns, so i came up with this and id like to ask this awesome community what they think of it? I will be selling these type of dupes in the near futur, but im still working on cool interior like exterior.. Your feedback is much apreciated