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  1. Metropolis Mafia v2 Applications

    Name: Keep It Large Hours: 23 In-Game Rank: User RP Name: Keep It Large Why do you want to join the org: Mainly because I was in it back in the Hyplex 3 days and also because of its great leader. What can you bring to our org: I can build and can bring great determination Additional Information: Nope
  2. Huge ass list of suggestions for SWRP

    Having special models for regiments wouldn't be too great. I think we should keep it how it is and don't just dedicate them to regiments, as usually they are spread out across the map in events anyways. In events medics have never functioned like the rest of the regiments where they stick as a regiment, for as long as I can remember we have always had them spread out so they are accessible.
  3. Regiments

    Yeah CTE do that also.
  4. Regiments

    Yeah, you are hand picked
  5. Regiments

    501st - Heavy Frontline Regiment CG - Police/Riot Control ST - Stealth Regiment CTE - Engineers 74th - Medics RC - Select Group Of Advanced Troopers ARC - Advanced and well trained troopers/special forces 212th - Bomb Disposal 187th - Paratroopers Fleet - Commanders of the ship/they run the ship and aren't clones Jedi - Some advanced and force sensitive people Let me know if I missed any lmao
  6. Huge ass list of suggestions for SWRP

    No one can spawn props unless me or salty up the limit. Elite asked me for something cool that would be cool to use. This job allows him to test various different equipment, along with having a commanding aspect to his video's. This isn't too important imo, however I could see it getting possibly changed. I'm 100% sure we were doing this change after donations were implemented. Ngl, this will basically remove the purpose of what we had in mind for the tactical insertion. We already had this in mind on release, however we didn't get round to it as it is a bit complicated. I'm sure this is possible, and its a good shout, but is easily abused. I'm pretty sure this already exists. I personally don't want this added, if we did this then there would be no point in that regiment all together, which means we would then have to add a medical branch, which we don't want to do This is a good shout but we have something else planned now (its a bit different and overwrites the skilltree plan). I like the current HUD, I'm pretty sure the maker of the script is updating it to have the figures, but salty could do it easily. Although I don't agree with most of these I am grateful you've spent time in this post, I can see some of these being added but its up to salty now. He can see which ones I disagree with and so can you, I appreciate your thinking on the server behalf @Chaos.
  7. Down for Maintenance.

    @Boa Constrictor Barry We aren't making too many changes, however we are implementing things which are incredibly cool, to make it more fun to play on.
  8. What's going on

    Agree with drizzy for choosing you, cant wait!
  9. TheMeeMeeMachine's staff app

    /moved to the correct area
  10. Jedi Temple Guard Job

    I agree with @DeathWing. The job as a main job would be completely pointless imo, however if we add it under the "Event Jobs", then we could use it for certain ship events. @Mr.Salty Your call though.
  11. Dhelep

    Please stop arguing on this post, whether it has something to do with it or not.
  12. SWRP

    Thanks, appreciate it!
  13. Defcons and battlestations

    -Closed- We may implement our own version of this but it isn't guaranteed.
  14. Defcons and battlestations

    High alert meaning battle stations and caution meaning patrol etc? @27_Genders
  15. Defcons and battlestations

    Don’t like the idea of this as it’s been seen on swrp before. If we were to do something like this we would need it to be unique, when I thought of this idea, the first thing that came to mind was a certain server name. If we come up with something unique, when people hear of it they’ll think of Hyplex. But if we can’t think of something unique I don’t believe this should be added, however I’m going to see other people’s opinions on this.