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  1. should i come back

    ye boi
  2. Please Note the following before applying for staff; You cannot have more than 3 warnings on your in-game record. You cannot have a previous (valid) bans on your record. You need 30 hours playtime on the server to apply for staff Please follow the following template for applying for staff on servers; Your Steam Name - (Your steam name, not ig name) Your SteamID - (steam id eg. STEAM_0:1:53894418) Your IG Name - (Name in game) Your current rank - (In-Game Rank) Playtime on server - (Found at the top) How many warnings do you have - (Do a line for each, including reason and brief explanation) What is your Timezone? ( EST / GMT / CST ) Your RL date of birth - (date/month/year) Why do you want to be an Event Planner? (Minimum 100 words) What would make you a better choice than others? (Minimum 100 words) My Event Plan - (Provide a thorough event plan, so we can get to grips of what you can do, must be detailed) Do you have a good understanding of ULX? (We are using ULX but might change) If Applicable, do you have any references from other staff members? (You must have permission from the staff member, if you lied you will be denied. Any rank above trial can be a ref [including managers and mentors]) Do you have any other additional information for us? (Other information we need to know) Please allow at least 3 days to 2 weeks for processing and good luck on your application! If you do happen to be denied, you can reapply in 2 weeks time!
  3. SWRP 2.0 Map Teasers

  4. What do you guys like the most on Hyplex ?

    All these people laughing at hazzard for saying we're better, you guys wait and see, you'll know soon enough.
  5. SWRP Staff Meeting

    Every week from this point there will be a Star Wars RP Meeting. However, remember to check discord to see if it is called off.
  6. Plans for Hyplex

  7. The new management plan

    Congratz my guys.
  8. UberZ leaving post.

    Really sad to see you go, will miss our uk/aus dialect sessions, be sure to keep in contact w me bby < 3
  9. The end of a good run

    Damn, hate seeing all the people I've known throughout go. Feel free to message me anytime, and good luck on any ventures you are yet to take.
  10. ooof's resignation

    Hyplex will miss you, have fun with whatever ventures you end up taking. <3
  11. 1000 (£10) Credit Giveaway

    STEAM_0:0:213992789 because dillon is bae
  12. Maintenance / Re-vamp

    Information Hello, as many of you know we have recently gained a new developer for SWRP, this being @slothy. SWRP Management have been talking to him tonight and have decided to make our own gamemode, with the nutscript base with some mad custom stuff. This meaning that the SWRP server will be down for a lot longer while we work on this, and you may be angry now, however when we drop this, you guys will be grateful we decided to do this. The server should not be down for too long but expect up to a month or more. @slothy will be working with myself and @Mr.Salty to make this the best we can, and will only release it when it is completely done. You can expect: New Map Custom Gamemode Credit System Regiment System If you have any questions ask a SWRP Manager through discord or steam, but no manager will give you too much information.
  13. A wild sloth

    Welcome, looking forward to see what we can do with SWRP.
  14. Cryption's Introduction

  15. Purge

    Purge is basically its own gamemode, so doubt seeing this happen anytime soon.