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  1. Staff Application

    -Support Word count is kinda low Not good definition of rdm, nlr and rda Not much effort into app Kinda high warm count Seem kinda power hungry by saying No past experience, but people have to start some where Not many hours on the server. Overall a -Support from me
  2. More guns

    Just wait till the update hits and see what happens with that, As that could bring in new features.
  3. Hi!

  4. Old report system

    Ye the current one shows reports that are not even there, So thats why i think the old one was better
  5. Old report system

    The logs system is the same one we have now its just a report system lol
  6. Old report system

    Ye I see where you are coming from.
  7. Old report system

    Can we please bring back the old report system that was on hyplex 2/3. That report system was really easy to use and really nice and clean, This was a nice system that worked really well and was nice for staff AND the players YES The players. This was such a nice system, and nice and clean. Images:
  8. Jackk

    I want to thank @Jackkfor all the hard work he is currently having to deal with and trying to make everything go smoothly and go to plain how it should. He is doing such a good job. Keep up the good work Jackk it will all pay off eventually Nice one @Jackk
  9. Economy reset?

    Yes, It would bring more RP to get money and people want to play more
  10. HELP

    /locked and resovled
  11. Muted......

    /lock & resolved
  12. Help Section

    When Someone gets help and it gets resolved, it should be moved to the resolved section so it is not spammed and not filled with old ones,
  13. Hey

    Welcome back,
  14. Gmod Errors Fix

    Here is how to fix the errors in gmod: