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  1. Perma banned without reasoning

    use the right template /lock
  2. Recoiled's FPS Guide

    step 1 on how to make your game look like shit. my guide on getting better FPS is to just get a new pc or move to the UK for better ping
  3. what is this

    it opens admin area, wheres my money
  4. event

    How about the U.S. Players, you're just shitting on our face
  5. Hyplex 1.5.3

    so many bugs ffs
  6. Turrets

    rust is where i got the idea
  7. Turrets

    I think these would be good to have in some bases because it can really give some extra protection to your bases, but for the raider, they can either be easily disabled or destroyed. Just a thought I had in mind.
  8. ok listen up fuckers

    why did you react to the topic as dumb when you clearly agreed to it here..
  9. Good Bye Bugzy R.I.P

    I dont even know who this kid is
  10. PC Upgrade oppinions

    i'd say upgrade graphics card to a 1060 or 1070. then if you want, upgrade ram to 16gb, I've got a 1060 and 16gb ram and its fine for me.
  11. if you understood my point then you wouldn't have to reply to what I said smh
  12. it was a joke. Im talking about people yelling at me for talking shit, its not like im yelling out racial slurs or shit that offends anyone. I shouldn't need to worry about that but I guess not