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  1. UberZ's Signatures

    lookup paint tutorials.. or take a digital photography class in school
  2. :kami:

    This is stupid
  3. Sage

    -denied- never seen you in-game before
  4. UberZ's Signatures

    I don't understand how people can't make their own in photoshop
  5. Sage

    Bruh I wrote denied that means you ain't getting in sage
  6. Let's get some feedback

    -fix meth ( needs more value ) -more jobs -fix color tool -fix precision tool -make printers upgradable ( different printers ) -consumable drugs -make the max nlr bubble 1 so there aren't several bubbles everywhere -give vip jobs ( pro-marauder ) more than just 1 extra tool -unblacklist half the shit that needs to be unblacklisted -fix lag spikes and crashes -buff alot of the things that get you money -nerf blowtorch -bring playermodels in the /acc shop -make it so you can switch in-between titles instead of paying for a new one -add tip jars -add money pots -add new chatbox -add ranks for people who have more time on server ( trusted ) -add go karts or cars ffs -make it so when you go afk or change jobs you keep the ammo you currently had in your weapons -add better statistics menu ( richest gang ) -make it so when someone new loads in the server the rules pop up and they have to read it -make money more valuable ( powerful items cost more ) that about everything i can think of that can make the server better, lmk what you think @drizzy.vip
  7. Hi, I'm not here to cause trouble.

    dont know who you are but welcome.
  8. Sage

    im going to change this to a -denied- sage isn't an organization you just join, you must show us that you are worthy of joining.. and if the guy is not 100% sure on everything he says then I dont like him, make up your mind and figure out what your good at instead of saying " dunno " and " idk ". a 'bit' of raiding? you are basically saying you are good at raiding shitty bases not good ones, trust me, im sure that a shitty base would be raided by one of our members eventually..
  9. GCBLing's Forum Admin APP

    just fucking ask the people before you go and write down their names wherever you want damn.. +Support

    your not going to get unbanned with this trash lol
  11. Me name

    when you name yourself after what goes on in the bathroom after taco bell..
  12. I oofed up

    well, having that bind set up is not any of our responsibility to deal with, it is yours. It was your fault you got banned so don't say it was an accident.
  13. Sage

  14. Sage

  15. Coin flips!

    -support cancerous comments saying "rigged" incoming..